OpenQuest Update Mid-March 2014

Things are moving on quite briskly at my end, so much so that I think a mid-monthly update is in order.

OQ Basics has made it through print proof, so its ready to go.

Crucible of the Dragons is just about to get through print proof. It should be ready to go by the end of this week.

Savage North is at the proofing/updating original layout, while new content is being proofed.

Life and Death is at the stage where I’m finishing off additional content – a new ten page adventure + expanded ready made concepts.

For both the above I’m looking at sending it to print proof next week.

My plan is to send this out in one mail shot when its ready, since it means I only pay for the postage once rather than two to four times as individual books become available.

i.e Demi-Gods get OQ Basics, Cruicible of the Dragon, Savage North and Life and Death as one mail shot

and Heroes get OQ Basics + Savage North in one go.

I’m aiming to get this all done and out by the first week of April.

Please note: NONE of the revised/new books will be available on General Release until I’ve ordered it for backers.

If your address has changed since I did the last mail shot, contact me at

OpenQuest Adventures is still in production. I’ve now settled on a line up of three adventures and a selection of articles which make planning and running OQ adventures easier. Currently the page count is about 70 pages, with it being a 50/50 spilt between articles/adventures, but I can see this rising as I expand/revise the content. Art has been commissioned for a June release date. One thing I’ve learnt from doing all this is that I’m spread quite thin and need to work smarter in a few areas. One of them is my web presence. So probably in April I’ll be decommissioning and redirecting it to . This is where I’ll host the Digital SRD and OpenQuest Developers kit and the Forum. I’m still thinking about whether I’m going to do Member’s area. One of the reasons why backers only got a year’s subscription was that it was a bit of an experiment and I’m not very happy with the amount of content I was able to put up in the area during its lifetime. If I was to do again on it would also have content from all my game lines, which would make it worthwhile. So for now the Member’s area expires March 25th, so copy any content you want from it before then. I will share previews of OQ Adventures material via an alternative route.


;O) Newt

6 thoughts on “OpenQuest Update Mid-March 2014”

  1. Ave

    I’ve bought yesterday pdf and Softcover Crucible of the Dragons. Today CotD has dissapeared. Is sth wrong with the book? What’s up?

  2. Hi Marek

    The book was released in error, I’ve yet to work out whether it was me forgetting to tick some box so it would remain private during uploading the latest batch of proofs or some mistake on DriveThru’s part.

    The cover of that version has a minor imperfection, and the pdf has a missing table. You’ll be able to re-download the updated pdf when its released from DriveThru (will tell you when via your Library, and I’ll let you know via their email system). If you bought a physical book – mail me the receipt at and I’ll send you out a replacement when the cover is corrected if you want.

    So for the time being Crucible of the Dragons is not available until the cover and pdf are fixed and pre-order backers get their copies.


    1. Ave

      I’ve written them an information not to deliver physical copy of the book. I’ll wait for a good one.

      regards Marek

      1. UUUUUUPS, i’ve got a news…

        Order 5690783,
        03/24/2014 Sent to printer Print order sent to printer (order PPO.M03242300)
        03/25/2014 Confirmed Printer has acknowledged receipt of order.

        So I’ll send a scan of the receipt 2 U to reach a replacement. Drive Thru is much too fast…

        1. Hi Marek

          I thought this would be the case.

          Aye send me the receipt, either forward the sales email or scan of the receipt, to me and I’ll send you a replacement when the corrected version is ready.

          Apologies again.

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