The Great Goblin Hunt

A combination of a small return to convention-going, Grogmeet at my local FLG Fanboy 3 in November, and the need for a gripping, exciting kick-off scenario for the next Season of OpenQuest Thursday, which sees our rough borderlands troubleshooters moving in noble...

Mix and Match

Graham Spearing was the editor of the first edition of OpenQuest, and there’s a lot of design choices that carry through even to OQ3 that came from discussions with him. He knows his onions when it comes to rules 🙂  I pulled off my relatively new OpenQuest (OQ)...

OpenQuest Companion reaches First Draft

After taking a week off to spend time with my family, I was back at this morning. After a quick writing session, I’ve reached the first draft of the OpenQuest Companion. eta tentatively late August for the pdf, early September for print.

OpenQuest 3rd Edition Changelog

I’ve updated the OpenQuest changelog, and posted as a page under the About page,  so if you want to see what’s different from earlier editions of the game, just visit it. OpenQuest 3rd Edition Changelog. 

OpenQuest 3rd Edition now on General Release!

With the end of the Great OpenQuest Mailout to backers and pre-orders yesterday, I am proud to announce that OpenQuest 3rd Edition is now generally available from D101 Games web store in both pdf only and Print + Pdf bundle. OpenQuest 3rd Edition is available for sale...