OpenQuest 3rd Edition now on General Release!

With the end of the Great OpenQuest Mailout to backers and pre-orders yesterday, I am proud to announce that OpenQuest 3rd Edition is now generally available from D101 Games web store in both pdf only and Print + Pdf bundle.

I’m still in the process of setting up the product on and and will let people know when I’ve released them via my Twitter account, @d101games, later this week/early next.

Gorgon by Dan Barker

OpenQuesssst itsss out.

The Great OpenQuest Mail-Out

At the time of writing, I’m about 2/3 the way of posting out all the signed and sent copies.  I would be at 100% but the collection guy from the Royal Mail didn’t show up yesterday (again), but come Monday whoooooooooooshh!

This is the current state of my hallway, which is all the North American (US + CA) and Rest of the World copies, just waiting there for Monday when they will go out.

All the high tier (OQ Patrons, Art Backer copies, various Masters) were sent out a couple of weeks ago, along with EU and UK copies. So it’s with great pleasure that I’ve been receiving tweets and posts from backers/pre-order people who put pictures of their books online. Here’s a quick gallery of them 🙂

Some of the OpenQuest books that have reached backers

Some of the OpenQuest books that have reached backers

One of the backers who blogs as Vorpal Mace got his earlier this week, and has posted his first impressions.

Finally, this is a quick flip through of the Signed and Sent version. I have a small surplus that I can offer to people. If you are interested I will put your email on a waiting list, and let you know when they are on sale via my website. Email me at

OpenQuest Signed and Sent has arrived!

It’s a sunny summer’s day here at D101 HQ and the printed signed and sent version of the book, which is going out to Kickstarter backers who backed it, has touched down.

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Proofs, Pdfs and Progress

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Hello, it may feel that nothing is happening on OQ, so here’s an update on what’s going on.

Update about the Printed versions (Print on Demand and Signed and Sent)

At the moment, it’s all about the proofs here at D101 HQ.

POD OQ + the Quickstart are still in the proofing process over at, but I’m anticipating the final proof to be with me end of this week, early next week. When it has, I’ll issue links to at-cost copies via Kickstarter Messenger.

Newt and POD book

Wayhey! Its the last POD proof looking all shiny.

Signed and Sent proofs have been signed off with the printers, so we’ve gone to print. I have an estimated delivery date of the 16th of June, so will start sending them out then.

Signed and Sent unbound proof and the POD Quick-start proof

There has been a couple of changes from what I had originally planned for the Signed and Sent version.

More Colour Plates. Instead of five colour plates, the book now has eight. It turns out I could either have colour plates individually placed throughout the book, but the binding would be glued, or grouped in a page count that is a multiple of four and keep the sown pages. Since I sold the print version on the fact that it would be sown pages, it was a no-brainer to throw in three classic Jon Hodgson OpenQuest covers (Life and Death, The Savage North, and the 1st Edition cover), taking the number of plates up to eight, and positioning them roughly half-way in the book between what could be considered the boundary between the player’s rules chapters and Referee only chapters.

The old vs new, Jon Hodgson’s Savage North covers. Proof’s of two of the colour plates for the Signed and Sent version.

An extra two pages of content have been added at the end of the book. The POD book requires a blank page at the end of the book for their printing process, which effectively means two pages. It turns out that the printed version, I can print on those two pages. So, I’ve inserted quick Religion write-ups for six dedicated religions for Empire of Gatan setting. The Five Emperors and the Imperial Mother. Now your players can have characters who follow a focused, dedicated religion, such as a War God (The General Silanous) or a Merchant Goddess (The Imperial Mother), rather than the pantheon style Imperial Way, which takes a little bit of magic from each of the deities in that pantheon, they now can.

The two extra pages of content at the end of the Signed and Sent version.

Updated OpenQuest Pdf

During the proofing process, there’s been a few changes. The ebook pdf has been updated and is available for redownloading from your account if you previously downloaded it. If you bought the book via the pre-order, the latest version is available via the download link that was sent in the email after you purchased the book.

Other Progress

  • Catching the Wrym, gets playtested this weekend at 7 Hills an online gaming convention. I anticipate this reaching 1stDraft shortly after. It’s been a bit of a monster, being a good 30+ pages at present.
  • The OpenQuest Companion is nearing first draft.
  • OpenQuest SRD has been put together and will be sent out to editorial soon.
    The OpenQuest Releases page has been updated with all the recent statuses and eta of releases for all the stretch goals.

OpenQuest Releases page
I should be contacting you again shortly when the POD version becomes available, and when the signed and sent version lands here at D101 HQ and the great mail out begins.

All the best,

:O) Newt

OpenQuest is a Fantasy Adventure Roleplaying Game

One of the things that I picked up on when I got the first print proof of the POD version of OpenQuest 3rd Edition was that on the title page, I missed out on the subtitle:

Fantasy Adventure Roleplaying Game

It’s been on every edition of OQ, so I put it back in, but I took some time out to think why this was important to me.

The short version.

Now that’s out of the way and everyone’s calmed down, I shall go into detail.

Sure, OQ has mythologies, settings with a sense of history and politics, creatures with history/background, but it’s all ingredients, fuel even, to get an entertaining adventure. You see, in OQ, the characters go on Quests, which are adventures. Not simulations or re-enactments of everyday life in some imagined fantasy Medieval/Dark Ages. The players want to feel the thrill of a sword connecting with an enemy, a spell making short work of a difficulty, or to see the results of a clever bit of conversation with a non-player character. Even seeing a character make a triumphant comeback after failing is all part of the expectation of a good adventure. It’s all about keeping things moving along at a quick pace (or as the Smart Party says, “You can never have enough pace”). And you don’t get that with overly complex fiddly rules or social structures in place in the game.

I bore this in mind as a primary design goal when I wrote the main rulebook, and I have kept it in mind as I finish the rules and articles in the OpenQuest Companion.

So that’s why OQ is a Fantasy Adventure Roleplaying Game, and it is important to state that upfront right at the beginning of the book on the title page.

The OpenQuester , Episode 2, now available

It’s here! The second episode of The OpenQuester. This time out Paul Mitchener (OQ Editor/Contributing Author) and I look at where we are at with the game just about to be released, our regular OpenQuest Thursday game, what’s coming up next, Paul’s Clockwork Palace and Roman books, and of course DUCKS!

This is part of my new D101 Games YouTube Channel, which as well as the OpenQuester, and other OQ related nonsense, also has episode 1 of the Infinite Road Trip which features an interview with Lawrence Whitaker of the Design Mechanism, mainly talking about their Mythras RPG (OQ’s Bigger Brother).

The One Magic System

The OpenQuest Companion, cover by Jon Hodgson

This is a preview straight from the pages of the OpenQuest Companion, which is due for release in early summer but is available to pre-order with the main rulebook as a free pdf/at cost POD book.

This chapter contains a simplified magic system that developed out of the need to have quick magic for games of OpenQuest that did not require the same level of magic point counting, ranking of casters, and tracking of long-term relationships between the characters and their teachers. It grew out of convention games but is also useful for games where magic is less of a focus, and the players want a simpler, more straightforward system.

How this System was Developed

I took the spells from the Three Magic Systems of core OpenQuest and applied the following changes.

  1. Removed magic point costs. This system does not use Magic points. In quick convention games, I found the players were not counting them, and it was a barrier to the flow of play.
  2. A Magic Casting skill determines casting success. Every time the spell is cast, you must make a Magic Casting skill. If it is fumbled, the character loses the ability to cast the spell for the rest of the session.
  3. Spells limited by availability. If you need to limit which spells are available to characters, there is an availability trait. Beginning characters can only learn Common spells. The obvious benefit of joining a religion or magical society is that you can learn spells they teach with the Taught availability. Secret spells can only be learnt through Questing or a high-ranking member of a religion/magical society.
  4. Based on the Personal Magic spell list as a start and added spells that are not duplicated from the Divine Magic and Sorcery lists.
  5. Variable trait removed. Where a spell had the variable trait, I have made it a fixed effect or added a dice roll to work out how powerful the spell is when cast.
  6. No summoning spells. Spells that Summon Other World creatures have been removed.
  7. More complex spells removed. Spells that outside of the simple parameters of the system have not been included.
  8. Suggested critical and fumble effects have been added. This is intended to help beginning Referees and players.
  9. Same names. As the spells have the same name as their Three Magic System counterpart.

Here are two classic spells, as they appear in the One Magic System.


Instant, Touch

Each casting of this spell allows the caster to restore 2D6 hit points to damage themselves or another target.

A casting of Heal, which restores 6 or higher, will also re-attach a severed limb if cast within ten rounds of the loss.

A casting of Heal, which restores 4 or higher, will also cure any single poison or disease affecting the target.

Healing can only be attempted once per day per wound. If one character has already cast a spell on a particular wound, then additional healing must come from another character.

This spell can not be used to bring characters who are dead back to life.

  • Critical: 12 hit points are restored immediately.
  • Fumble: Spell backfires and causes 2d6 hit points of damage to the caster.

Weapon Enhance


When this spell is cast on any close combat weapon, it increases its damage dice type by one (so, for example, a Dagger’s damage goes from 1D4+1 to 1D6+1) for the duration of this spell and adds +20% to the character’s Close Combat skill when using the enhanced weapon. The weapon’s damage is magical and will affect creatures that can only be hurt by magic. This spell cannot be used with Fireblade.

  • Critical: Any hit by the weapon is considered a critical for the duration of the spell.
  • Fumble: The weapon is dulled for the spell’s duration by one damage dice type (doing a minimum of 1 point of damage).


The OpenQuest Companion

The OpenQuest Companion, cover by Jon Hodgson

This selection of additional optional rules is the next release for OpenQuest. It is currently on sale, as a free book, as part of the pre-order for the main OpenQuest 3 rulebook.

While this is not the finalised contents list, here’s a peek at some of the subjects covered in the Companion.

The One Magic System. I use this quick system for convention games. Here it is expanded and balanced for campaigns that do not need or want to use OpenQuest’s Three Magic System.

Membership skill. Want a quick game-mechanic to measure how responsive your character’s organisation is to their calls for help? Then Membership (Organisation) is the key here. Use it to track your character’s ups and downs in the organisation’s favour and access to the benefits that the organisation provides. An extension of the rules for Ranks in the Magic chapters (esp. Divine) which also covers non-magical organisations such as guilds.

Adventuring Associations. So, your merry band of adventurers have formed a band that has endured at least one caper and want to create a shared base of operations? This article shows the benefits of the characters creating their own Adventuring Association or joining an existing one.  Also, an example of how to use the Membership skill.

The Spirit World. An article detailing what the Spirit World is like and the places and non-player characters who live there. Intended for new players and Referees who are struggling to visualise how the Spirit World works in the game.

Quick Quest. This is how I run OpenQuest at my table to account for the sudden need for numbers to hang the rules off. Such as when a random non-player character suddenly gains importance through interaction with the characters, and a quick profile is created on the fly for physical or social combat.

Near-Death Experiences. What happens when a character should die, but the player spends a fortune point to avoid the final curtain call. They end up caught between worlds, and the valuable insights they can gain while waiting to come back to life are covered in this article.

Tools for World Building. To go alongside the Campaign Questionnaire from the main rulebook, a series of questionaries, random tables to help referees set up adventure locations in their games.

Also, making a return from the pages of the main OpenQuest 2nd Edition rulebook in a revised and possibly expanded form, are the following.

Other World Quests. What exactly happens when the characters go adventuring in the Other Worlds.

WAR! The realm is ablaze with conflict, and this article deals with the consequences to the adventurers no matter their power to affect the outcome.

Realm Quests. This article details how to define nations and states in OpenQuest, and the sort of Quests that arise because of events in the realm.

The OpenQuest Companion focuses on maximum gaming fun, adding modular rules that add excitement for any D100 game.

It is currently heading towards a summer release.

OpenQuest 3rd Edition

The OpenQuest Quickstart

OpenQuest Quickstart Cover by Jonny Gray

OpenQuest Quickstart Cover © Jonny Gray

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