Divine Magic Spells I to L


Duration 15, Magnitude 1, Progressive, Ranged

This spell creates an illusion based on all five senses. The illusion will seem real and solid unless the person looking at it succeeds in a Perception test, which is subject to a modifier based on the magnitude of the spell. If the viewer succeeds in a Perception test, and the illusion could usually cause damage if believed in, it can no longer cause damage to that character. As soon as a viewer disbelieves the illusion, it becomes insubstantial and ghost-like to them.

The magnitude also governs the Size of the illusion.  A magnitude 1 Illusion can quite happily create small household items, say a fake table and chair, but would not be able to create an illusion of a fire-breathing Dragon.


Magnitude Modifier to Perception test Type of illusion possible
1 +50 % Not capable of motion or causing damage. Slightly fuzzy and unreal round the edges. Limit of SIZ 10.
2 +25 % Some minor discrepancies. Capable of motion, but not of damage. Limit of SIZ 15.
3 0 Capable of motion and causing damage. Limit of SIZ 20.
4 -25 % Capable of motion and causing damage. Limit of SIZ 30.
5 -50 % Indistinguishable from the real thing, capable of motion and damage. Limit of SIZ 40.
+1 -50% +10 SIZ per magnitude.


Magnitude 4, Non-Variable, Concentration, Touch, Personal

For the duration of the spell, the recipient is entirely invisible to sight.  They can still be heard, felt or smelled, with a -20% to Perception tests. Also, if the caster loses concentration, or the recipient casts a spell or makes an attack, the spell ends. The recipient also becomes visible immediately after the spell ends, so even if the caster immediately casts another Invisibility spell, there will be a delay between castings where the recipient is visible.


Duration 6 Hours, Magnitude 4, Non-variable

This spell causes the target to fall to pieces upon a failed Persistence roll.  The victim will still be alive but will not require food or water during the time the spell is in operation. When the spell ends, due to being dispelled or running out of duration, the victim will die unless painstakingly put back together beforehand.

Lightning Strike

Instant, Magnitude 1, Progressive, Ranged, Resist (Dodge)

This spell causes a sizzling bolt of lightning to streak from the hand of the caster toward the target. If the bolt hits, each point of magnitude of the spell will cause 1D6 damage. Armour Points are not effective against this damage, and it counts as both magical and electrical damage.