Personal Magic Spells I to L


Instant, Magnitude 1, Non-Variable

Ignite will set fire to anything flammable within range, creating a flame. If the target is attached to a living being (such as hair, fur or clothes), then the spell gains the Resist (Resilience) trait.


Magnitude 3, Non-variable.

This spell hardens the resolve of the recipient for its duration. The spell adds 20 % to all Persistence tests against magical attacks to the mind (e.g. Fear, Befuddle, etc.) or opposed tests vs. Influence.


Touch, Resist (Dodge)

This spell causes the target to leap 2m up in the air for each point of magnitude. If cast upon an unwilling target, make a resistance roll and roll for falling damage on failure.

Levitating Disc

Concentration, Area 1 per Magnitude

This spell creates an invisible disc, 1m in diameter for each point of magnitude.  It can carry weight equivalent to one person and their belongings per point of magnitude and moves at twice the magnitude in metres per combat round.

For example, a Levitating Disc with magnitude 3 can carry 3 people, is 3m in diameter, and moves at a rate of 6m per combat round.


Magnitude 1, Non-Variable, Area 10

When cast on a physical object (including living material), this spell causes the object to shed light across the area of effect. The spell illuminates only the specified area – everything outside the area of effect is not lit. This spell creates raw light, not a flame.


Touch, Permanent

This spell gives an item a resistance to being opened equal to the spell’s magnitude x 10%. The item must have a lock, such as might be found on a door or a chest, as a focus for the spell. Once the lock has been forced/picked, the spell ends.