Personal Magic Spells M to P


This spell can affect one target for every point of magnitude. It allows telepathy between the caster and any target, though targets will not have telepathy with one another. The words transmitted by telepathy must be whispered and will be heard directly in the head of the recipient, in the same language in which the caster spoke it.


For every point of the magnitude of this spell, the target’s movement rate increases by an additional two meters.



If the caster succeeds in casting the spell, a missile weapon holds the spell for ten minutes. A missile under the effects of Multimissile cannot benefit from Firearrow or Speedart.

When the Multimissile-enchanted missile is fired or thrown, one additional magical missile fires for every point of magnitude. Each magic missile’s attack is separate, and each does the same damage as the original (though they will not benefit from the character’s damage modifier). Magical missiles created through Multimissile will not cause critical hits, though the original missile can. Magical missiles created through Multimissile will affect creatures that can only be hurt by magic.

Personal Insight

Magnitude 2 Non-Variable

This spell gives the caster or recipient a straightforward insight into a small question directly relevant to them, in the form of an internal intuition.

For example the question “Why can I not harm the creature?” would get the answer “Because your sword is not enchanted”, while “Why can we not harm the creature?” would not get an answer.



This spell affects any weapon with a blade or point. For every point of magnitude, it ignores one armour point when it strikes armour. Pierce can bypass magical armour as easily as normal armour.


For every point of the magnitude of this spell, the armour of the target gains one additional armour point.


Instant, Resist (Resilience)

This spell allows the caster to move an item of up to 3 SIZ or ENC per point of magnitude either towards or away from them in a straight line as if pushed suddenly from one direction or the other. The item does not move with significant enough force to inflict damage unless it is naturally damaging (a bottle of acid, for instance). The caster has no control over the distance pushed or pulled, as this depends on the location of the item and/or the surface on which it rests. Living creatures targeted by this spell are allowed a Resilience roll to resist.