OpenQuest Online 2022

OpenQuest Online is a two-day convention dedicated to the OpenQuest RPG system and spin-off games, such as River of Heaven. As well as games, there will be talks given online via Zoom.

A schedule is now up on, which may be added to as new games are offered.

Player registration is being handled via Warhorn. Please register if you intend to come since it will help me manage the number of games we need.  Also, in the unlikely, if we have more players than games, it will be first come, first served.

If you want to run a game, register your attendance first, then provide your game details here.

As well as the games on Saturday evening (8 pm to 9 pm BST) I will be hosting OpenQuest Next a talk followed by Q&A about what I’m planning on writing for OpenQuest. All registrants who sign up for the talk will be sent an invite link to the Zoom meeting, as will OpenQuest Patrons/Master level Kickstarter backers (via Kickstarter messenger).

Couple of things to note.

  • You have to be over 18 to attend.
  • It’s a free convention,  but if you can no longer come, please unregister yourself.
  • The convention is being held in English.
  • Since I’m based in the UK, gaming slots are given in British Summer Time.  International GMs may submit games outside of this but will need to give their timezone.
  • Game descriptions use a tagging system developed by my friends at the Garrion Serries of UK Conventions to let players know in advance what they are getting into. Details and links to the system are on the Games Submission form.

And most important.OpenQuest Online is a curated convention where I give final approval of submitted games before adding to the timetable.