OpenQuest 3rd Edition now on General Release!

With the end of the Great OpenQuest Mailout to backers and pre-orders yesterday, I am proud to announce that OpenQuest 3rd Edition is now generally available from D101 Games web store in both pdf only and Print + Pdf bundle.

I’m still in the process of setting up the product on and and will let people know when I’ve released them via my Twitter account, @d101games, later this week/early next.

Gorgon by Dan Barker

OpenQuesssst itsss out.

The Great OpenQuest Mail-Out

At the time of writing, I’m about 2/3 the way of posting out all the signed and sent copies.  I would be at 100% but the collection guy from the Royal Mail didn’t show up yesterday (again), but come Monday whoooooooooooshh!

This is the current state of my hallway, which is all the North American (US + CA) and Rest of the World copies, just waiting there for Monday when they will go out.

All the high tier (OQ Patrons, Art Backer copies, various Masters) were sent out a couple of weeks ago, along with EU and UK copies. So it’s with great pleasure that I’ve been receiving tweets and posts from backers/pre-order people who put pictures of their books online. Here’s a quick gallery of them 🙂

Some of the OpenQuest books that have reached backers

Some of the OpenQuest books that have reached backers

One of the backers who blogs as Vorpal Mace got his earlier this week, and has posted his first impressions.

Finally, this is a quick flip through of the Signed and Sent version. I have a small surplus that I can offer to people. If you are interested I will put your email on a waiting list, and let you know when they are on sale via my website. Email me at

OpenQuest 3rd Edition Now Available to Pre-Order

I’m pleased to say that the main OpenQuest 3 rulebook is done and off to print proof, so it’s time to open up a pre-order.

I’ve set up two options for pre-ordering OpenQuest 3rd Edition if you missed last year’s Kickstarter.

OpenQuest 3 Signed and Sent (£25) – Better quality print, ribbons, endpapers, and five colour plates, signed by myself and sent directly to you.

OpenQuest 3 Print on Demand (£10) – Print on Demand via

Both come with immediate pdf downloads of the book, along with the OpenQuest Quick-Start: The Lost Outpost.  Also when it is ready you will also receive at no extra cost the OpenQuest Companion in PDF and at cost Print on Demand.  Also, purchase of either of these entitles you to buy a selection of Add-ons that were available to Kickstarter backers.

This pre-order closes on Sunday, May 9th 2021.

QO3 Character Sheet now up

I’ve been giving the D101 Games website a bit of a Spring Clean in anticipation of the OQ3 Pre-order (coming very soon) and realised my Files section had disappeared with all the free game aid downloads such as character sheets. A quick bit of fiddling with the site and the Games Downloads section is back up, along with the form fillable pdf version of the OpenQuest 3 character sheet.

So here we go.

OpenQuest 3rd edition character sheet

OpenQuest 3rd edition character sheet