OpenQuest is a straightforward, easy to play D100 fantasy role-playing game.

Inspired by the tremendous D100 rulesets put out in the late 1970s and 1980s, OpenQuest uses the Legend SRD as a base and includes innovations from more recent indie RPGs modern edge.

Learn more about the game, here is a preview of the first two chapters.

The first edition of OpenQuest came out in Summer 2009, with a much-expanded second edition appearing in Summer 2012.  The current 3rd Edition of the game refines and updates the game’s text, making it more straightforward to use than ever before. If you are interested in reading the changes between 2nd and 3rd Edition, there now is a changelog.

OpenQuest is a game of fantasy adventure. It takes place in the imagination of its players, in worlds where dragons live, and magic exists and works! The players can take on the roles of brave warriors, crafty thieves, mysterious sorcerers and any other type of fantasy character.

There’s a massive hint in the name “Open” + “Quest”.

Open“. Since this is a game, there are rules to guide play when the outcome of a character’s actions is less than sure. In OpenQuest, these rules are kept to a minimum and are straightforward to understand, to make the game run smoothly and keep the players’ options as ‘open’ as possible. Also, the ‘Open’ part of the name is a way of flagging up the fact that the rules are available under the Open Gaming License. This licence means you can re-write and release the text to form the basis of your games even for commercial purposes.

Quest“. Players go on adventures via their in-game alter egos, known as characters, who gain fame, fortune, and achieve their personal goals. These ‘quests’  are the focus of play, involve danger and risk in the form of villains, monsters, traps and dangerous locations.

This website is where you can read more about the game and the development of supplements and spin-off games.

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