SimpleQuest Releases

Last Updated 19/08/2023

SimpleQuest is a hardback US Regal sized (6 inch by 9 inch) book with full-colour art. It is a concise version of OpenQuest. It’s a travel version of OpenQuest and is optimised to be a lot more pick-up and play. For example, it uses the One Magic system, originally introduced in the OpenQuest Companion and a shorter cut-down version of the creature profile to get a fair number of them in the rulebook. There’s also a selection of Deities in a short format that gets across their religion’s essential beliefs and magic that you can use as is or as the basis of religions in your game. It is also more what I had in mind for the game when I first started developing it during my lunch hour in 2007 (!).

The Supplements

The Kickstarter generated a small set of supplements for the game. Like SimpleQuest, they are meant to be no-nonsense, maximising play value over word count and essentially pick up and play.  They will be in the same US Regal (6” by 9”) format as SimpleQuest and be 100% compatible with OpenQuest.

As well as a quick description of the book, I give details of where it’s at in my production schedule. This page will get updated whenever there is significant progress, so Backers and the curious can see where I’m up to. When a book is released, there will be links to buy it.

Don’t Let the Krampus Grind You Down – Adventure – At Proof

Tis was the night before Christmas, 1981 on Ice Base 101 near the North Pole. This one-shot adventure is an 80s Action-Horror movie that never was.

Progress: At proof, art is complete. So when the final proofed document hits my intray, it will quickly get laid out and out to backers.

ETA September

Cover by Dan Barker

If you go down to the Woods today – Adventure – In Development

An adventure set in the time of the Rus city-states, full of folklore creatures. An introductory adventure designed to be played as a one-shot, with six possible villains and six possible reasons why the town’s children have gone missing.

Progress: Writing 90%. Art is being commissioned from Peter Town, who previously worked on Mythic Russia (by Mark Galeotti, Firebird Productions) and various projects for D101 Games.

Eta: September.

Cover by Paul Tomes

A Meeting of Dragons – Adventure – In Development

A one-shot adventure based upon the characters being thrust into the events surrounding the death of a leader of a religion based on dragon worship.  As the group’s leaders, the dragons, jockey for power, who will be the new Golden Dragon to lead them all? The cult’s enemies are nearby, ready to exploit the group’s weakened state.

In progress. Writing is currently being worked on, and about 50%. Its art is complete courtesy of Jeshields. This will probably be the next release after Don’t Let the Krampus Grind You Down. ETA October.

Cover by Paul Tomes

Demons of Dark Desire (Early Bird Gift/Add-on) – In Development

This mini supplement covers how to create and summon demons, the types of demons, Demonologist magicians, Demon Champions who gain demon armour and weapons from their patrons, and the rabble of Cultists who follow them.

In short, it will allow you to play Swords and Sorcery adventures in worlds plagued by demons and their cursed worshipers.

Progress: Currently writing about 75% done. Art complete courtesy of Jeshields.

Eta October.

Cover by Paul Tomes

Dark Vale – Setting/Adventure – In Development

A complete campaign setting for use with SimpleQuest, with three adventures to get you started. The Sun has fallen into the Underworld, and the forces of the Night Mistress have turned the land to gloom in preparation of the ascent of their mistress.

Writing is about 50% done. The majority of this is the setting guide, with the three adventures that comprise the rest of the book in various stages, from outline to partially fleshed out. I’m hoping to get this done by the end of the year.

Eta December.

Cover by Jon Hodgson