Tales From Maia

Maia is the name of the planet of OpenQuest’s default setting of the Empire of Gatan. From time to time I will publish bits about this game world in development, to the main blog, and this page gathers them up in one place. None of the material posted here is Open Gaming Content.

Deities of the Underworld

So I'm deep into writing the next OpenQuest Book, which is OpenQuest Dungeons. At the moment it's a heady mix of writing new rules guidance articles, creating resources (such as a set of stock NPCs), and creating dungeon-based adventures. More of that when my content...

The Three Icons of the OpenQuest Covers

The Dragon Helpers, are a trio of characters from the covers of the first three OpenQuest books. This post gives a bit more detail about them from the upcoming Catching the Wyrm scenario.

How Dwarfs Came to Live With Us

This a human tale from Gatanese folk-lore that originates from before the Empire of Gatan that explains from the point of view of a Gatanese commoner how the group known as Forge Dwarfs came to set up their communities (known as Forges) amongst the human settlements. ...