OpenQuest SRD

This is the home of the OpenQuest Third Edition System Resource Document (SRD) online.

This SRD contains all the Open Gaming Content in OQ 3 that is released under the OpenGaming License.

There is a free text version available from, which also contains a quick guide on how to use the SRD if you want to use it to publish your own content, either for free or commercially.

For more about the OQ SRD check out this post.

Feedback any issues you find with the SRD here.

Any changes to the SRD, mainly corrections, are recorded in a Changelog that is included in the Readme text file of the text version, and as a web page here.


Latest News about the OQ SRD

After the Darkness

A new third party horror game using the OpenQuest SRD is coming to Kickstarter soon.

After the Darkness is an apocalyptic game of horror, family and selfishness. The sun has disappeared and a dense fog has covered the Earth, killing millions of people in just a few months and collapsing all its institutions, structures and creations. Although that does not seem to be the biggest problem, the sky fervently screams and it seems heavier than before, there are violent animal roars coming from the darkest shadows, and not everybody is dying of hypothermia…

You play as a nuclear family trying to protect their loved ones and looking for a warm safe place to wait for the end of the cataclysm. Because of this, you are forced to explore the Apocalyptic lands outside your old home, evading its monstrosities, socializing with unstable people, and struggling to eat, drink and sleep in the eternal nights of that new cold hell. Your final objective is to survive one entire year, starting in the final days of autumn, and ending in the first days of a bleak second winter, where no human could have survived on their own.

OpenQuest SRD updated to version 1.1

Thanks to user feedback on the D101 Games Discord Server, it was pointed out that I had left out the Skill Bases from the SRD.

I’ve now updated both the text SRD and the Online SRD, so that Skill bases are listed in a table in the character generation section of the Characters document/page and next to the skill name in the skills description page.

There’s also a new changelog page, which will record changes (mainly corrections) to the OQ SRD.