OpenQuest SRD

This is the home of the OpenQuest Third Edition System Resource Document (SRD) online.

This SRD contains all the content from the main OpenQuest released under a Creative Commons license (see Licensing page for details).

There is a free text version available from, which also contains a quick guide on how to use the SRD if you want to use it to publish your own content, either for free or commercially.

For more about the OQ SRD, check out this post.

Feedback on any issues you find with the SRD here.

Any changes to the SRD, mainly corrections, are recorded in a Changelog that is included in the Readme text file of the text version and as a web page here.


Latest News about the OQ SRD

OpenQuest is now Creative Commons and on its 2nd Printing

I received the 2nd Printing of OpenQuest this morning from the printers. This, as well as fixing a small number of typos and errors that have come to light since the initial release back in 2021, also sees the removal of the now redundant OGL.  This finalises OpenQuest (via the Systems Resource Document) being released under the Creative Commons.

If you want to see what has changed here’s the change log.

OpenQuest is Ceasing to use the OGL and going Creative Commons

OpenQuest, which SimpleQuest is based on, currently uses OGL version 1.0a to provide a license for 3rd party developers to use it for their books. Games such as Age of Shadow (Crooked Staff Publishing), Clockwork and Chivalry (Cakebread and Walton) and Jackals (Osprey Games). The first edition of OpenQuest was based on Mongoose Legend, which shares many system similarities with Chaosium INCs BRP but was written from the ground up.

OpenQuest has gone through many revisions since its first release over a decade ago, and with the controversy around WotC’s leaked plans for OGL 1.1, I think it is safest to drop the OGL, which on reflection, is no longer needed.

This means that all the currently available OpenQuest books will have their Legal Appendixes (the one or two pages containing the OGL declaration) removed soon. Future OpenQuest releases, and books from the upcoming SimpleQuest line, will no longer carry the OGL declaration.

So that third-party developers can use to release their own OpenQuest-based material, I will update the OpenQuest SRD, to replace the OGL with a Creative Commons license that gives the same rights that are currently enjoyed.

If you are a publisher using OpenQuest and have questions about this, don’t hesitate to contact me via email.

OpenQuest SRD updated to version 1.1

Thanks to user feedback on the D101 Games Discord Server, it was pointed out that I had left out the Skill Bases from the SRD.

I’ve now updated both the text SRD and the Online SRD, so that Skill bases are listed in a table in the character generation section of the Characters document/page and next to the skill name in the skills description page.

There’s also a new changelog page, which will record changes (mainly corrections) to the OQ SRD.