OpenQuest Releases

Last updated 21/04/2023

In the main, these are deliverables from September 2020’s OpenQuest 3rd Editon Kickstarter, and I’ve set up this page so backers can check what has been released, and the progress of the other supplements that were funded.

I’ve split them into three Phases. Phase 1, Phase 2  and Phase 3.

Phase 1 Main rulebook/Quickstart/Bonus Early Backer adventure

The first wave of releases, to get the game off the ground.

Main Rulebook – Available


  • Pdf has gone to backers and preorders.
  • POD has gone to backers and preorders.
  • Signed and Sent has been sent out to backers and pre-orders.

If you are a backer who has not received any of your copies, please check your Kickstarter Messages inbox and then contact me via Kickstarter Message.

Now on General Release via

The Lost Outpost – Available

OpenQuest Quickstart Cover by Jonny Gray

OpenQuest Quickstart Cover © Jonny Gray

The OpenQuest Quick-Start Rules and Adventure, with six pre-made characters.

Release: Pdf on general release now.

Kickstarter backers also received a link to an at-cost POD version. Check your Kickstarter Message inbox by logging in to Kickstarter, if you’ve not received it.

Catching the Wyrm – Available

A short adventure about monster hunting in an ancient ruined city.

Catching the Wyrm, cover by Jon Hodgson

Phase 2 SRD/VTT Support/OQ Dungeons/OQ Companion

A second wave to support the game, especially online, and give more options.

OQ3 System Resource Document – AVAILABLE

The the OpenQuest 3 rules, released under the Creative Commons License (CC-BY) as word document and an online version that will be hosted here.

OQ Virtual Table Top – In Development

Support for at least one Virtual Table Top, which as of writing in late 2021 is looking like it will be Foundry VTT.

Currently working on a quick Options Paper that outlines what I’ve researched so far.

Current status: Researching

ETA: Late Spring for the options paper, later 2023 for OQ VTT support.

OpenQuest Dungeons – In Development

A book about how to use Dungeons in OpenQuest and two (maybe three) example adventures.

OpenQuest Dungeons, cover by Jon Hodgson

Current Status: Nearly done! Doing final self-edit before sending off to proofreader.

ETA: Spring 2023

OpenQuest Companion – AVAILABLE 

A set of alternative rules and referee’s guidance

The OpenQuest Companion, cover by Jon Hodgson

Phase 3 Setting/Adventure books

Books that expand the game’s default setting, the Empire of Gatan,  but can also be easily used in your home campaign.

The Feathers and the Fury

A species supplement. Duck cultures, religion, their lands and a couple of adventures. ALL THINGS DUCK!

Current progress: Text being written, two adventures in outline. Pictures of four main duck cultures done by Dan Barker.

ETA: Summer 2023.

the Book of Duck cover

The Feathers and the Fury © Jon Hodgson

The Clockwork Palace

Paul Mitchener’s adventure book of multidimensional travels.

  • ETA: ???? 2023.
The Clockwork Palace by Jon Hodgson

The Clockwork Palace © Jon Hodgson

Swords of the Savage North

A revised version of the Savage North setting, with new adventures.

  • ETA: Summer 2023.

Patronage and Power

A book of Patrons and the rules for using them in-game. Previously called The Book of Patrons.

  • ETA: Winter 2023.

It will not always be Summer – AVAILABLE

This is a reworking of Paul Mitchener’s Roman adventure, Non Semper Erit Aestas, that was previously published in the long out of print OpenQuest Adventures book.

It Will Not Always be Summer, cover by Jon Hodgson

It Will Not Always Be Summer, cover by Jon Hodgson

It has been updated to OpenQuest 3, and when Paul’s standalone RPG set in the period after Nero’s death, working title The Year of Four Emperors, is ready, it will be updated to use that ruleset and re-released as a Quickstart for that game.

Outside this road map is whatever the Patrons decide I should be working on for OpenQuest Next, and Paul’s standalone Roman RPG.

Please note Life and Death, The Crucible of Dragons, and The Savage North which were released for OpenQuest 1st and 2nd Edtion, are no longer available from us.

Dr Mitch and I chat about the planned releases, with a bit about the origins of OQ in this video over on

If you want to map all this via stretch goals from the campaign, here we go.

  • Stretch goals 1-3 More art and enhanced graphic design for the main rulebook. DONE
  • Stretch Goal 4 The Whispering Warrior Quickstart Rules/Adventure DONE (although the scenario is now called The Lost Outpost)
  • Stretch Goal 5 An OpenQuest OGL SRD Website DONE
  • Stretch Goal 6 The Saga of the Savage North, an adventure/setting book.
  • Stretch Goal 7 The Clockwork Palace, an adventure/setting book.
  • Stretch Goal 8 The OpenQuest Companion, a compendium of alternate rules and guidance.
  • Stretch Goal 9 OpenQuest Dungeons, a collection of adventures, with a mini-setting, and rules guidance.
  • Stretch Goal 10 Support for a Virtual TableTop
  • Stretch Goal 11 The Four Emperors Preview Adventure.
  • Stretch Goal 12  OpenQuest Patrons choose OpenQuest Next (the next OQ-powered project). Everyone gets 1st draft.
  • As a thank you to the generosity of the backers and the Master of Ducks (a unique special high tier reward that has been claimed), The Book of Ducks, a culture book including character options, culture details, a mini-setting and an adventure.
  • There is a new reward for OQ Patrons an add-on for all other backers, called The Book of Patrons (a working title) – see Add-ons below.