3rd Party Support

OpenQuest’s rule system is available for use by 3rd Party Developers using a Creative Commons license via the OpenQuest System Resource Document (OQ SRD).

If you want to ask me a question about using the OQ SRD, email me or ask on the OQ SRD channel on D101’s Discord Server.

Published Projects using the OQ SRD

Here is a list of 3rd Party supplements and games based on the OQ SRD that I’m aware of.

If there’s something I’ve missed off this list please let me know.

Projects Using the OpenQuest SRD currently in Development

After the Darkness. A point-crawl Horror game where you play as a family struggling to survive the Apocalypse.  Coming to Kickstarter soon.

If you are ACTIVELY working on a project based on the OQ SRD get in touch, and I’ll list your development blog/ web page for the game if you have one.