OpenQuest We’ve Got You Covered!

Big update on OpenQuest 3rd edition.

Jon Hodgson has delivered the goods on the Five stretch goal supplements, also I’m reusing the cover from OQ Refreshed to provide the cover for the Early Bird Quickstart Adventure, and finally Jonny Gray provides the cover for the OpenQuest Quickstart: The Lost Outpost.

So we’ve got covers, erm covered 🙂

Here’s the whole lot as previews, click on image for a bigger version.

The Clockwork Palace by Jon Hodgson

The Clockwork Palace © Jon Hodgson

OpenQuest Companion cover by Jon Hodgson

OpenQuest Companion © Jon Hodgson

the Book of Duck cover

The Book of Duck © Jon Hodgson

OpenQuest Dungeons cover

OpenQuest Dungeons © Jon Hodgson

The Saga of the Savage North Cover

The Saga of the Savage North © Jon Hodgson

Catching the Wyrm cover by Jon Hodgson

Catching the Wyrm ©Jon Hodgson

OpenQuest Quickstart Cover by Jonny Gray

OpenQuest Quickstart Cover © Jonny Gray

OpenQuest Dungeons

The Book of Duck (working title)

The Clock Work Palace

5 thoughts on “OpenQuest We’ve Got You Covered!

  1. Re OQ Companion. Typical humans leaving an unarmed duck to deal with a horde of zombies. ;o) At least the duck has acquired a sword by the OQ Dungeons cover.


    • I’m interpreting it as a “Wait! Let me try to quack to them first!” situation. Not sure if they’re supposed to be zombies.

      Random thoughts besides that:
      That duck is growing on me (think I should have it removed by a doctor?). No, really, I’m neither a duck-hater nor a duck-lover (I think elves and dwarves and lizard-people are just as stupid and fun as ducks), but this duck seems to be an interesting character – grim, but obviously not prone to unneccesary violence.

      Clockwork Palace: All in all, a beautiful cover, but I actually prefer the characters in the foreground to the palace in the background, that somehow feels a little “not quite there yet”.

      The Lost Outpost: Great cover – but wasn’t that supposed to be the “Chronicles of Erun” cover? Does that mean that Erun is dead? :,(

      • Yes Chronicles of Erun is dead, but the ideas and characters in it live on in the OpenQuest Campaign I’m running currently, that may see publication later this year ;). The Pale (an Undead Faction), Imperial Dwarfs, Lord Vile, the Master of Ravens etc

        But I took the realistic view I’ve not done it as a standalone game in something like seven years (?) and with other stuff in the pipe, it wasn’t getting done so best kill it rather than force it.

  2. Lord Vile and the Master of Ravens have just been written into an adventure called “Blood and Taxes”, I’m not sure that my players are going to be very happy about that 😀

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