This believe it or not is my favourite time of year at the moment. The cool down after summer, the wind magically striping the orange and gold leaves off the trees, my birthday in late October, and of course Halloween, an opportunity to tell ghost and horror stories.

The Old Faith promo image

The Old Faith art by Paul “Spookshow71” Tomes

Coming to Kickstarter soon to coincide with Halloween, The Old Faith is a short adventure set in a dark ancient wood. Its a darker tale than usual OpenQuest fare, and certainly contains NO DUCKS. Cover art is by rising star Paul “Spookshow71” Tomes, a detail of the back cover is shown in the teaser above, and the internals are by the amazing Jonny Gray.

Here’s the pitch

Before Maximus, the Divine Emperor, brought the light of the Imperial Revelation, humanity lived like savages under the Old Faith. A dark and bloody religion based upon sacrifices to cruel nature spirits.
The Dark Wood is one of the last holdouts of the Old Faith. Within its confines, who knows what heathen practices go on? Sharan the Curious, a sorcerer of the Imperial Inquisition, has entered the wood, on a quest to root out evil. He’s gone missing, and the Elders of the nearby Woodend village are worried that he has been captured or killed.
Fortunately, the adventurers, Imperial Questors for the Emperor, happen to be passing through Woodend and are contacted by the Elders to find the sorcerer.

The Old Faith is an adventure about exploring an isolated ancient wood and discovering the culture there. I shall be using OpenQuest, a straightforward D100 system. No knowledge of either the system of setting is required.

Although it’s set in the Empire of Gatan setting presented in the main OpenQuest rulebook, it’s fairly self-contained so Referees can drop it in the setting of their choice. One thing though I’m deliberately showing off how Wises, highly proficient casters of Personal Magic, work at their highest level.

So watch out for the sign-up page, either later this week or early next week. Oh yes and there will be Stretch Ghouls not Stretch Goals, this is Halloween after all 😀

UPDATE: I missed the time frame for doing this at Halloween. So the plan now, since it is zine sized (A5) is to take it to Kickstarter’s ZineQuest 2023 in February.