Following on from yesterday’s announcement, I’m sure, as well as the book itself, you are interested in what’s going to be available as stretch goals. I’ve done a quick Mythic Fantasy setting called Dark Vale, where the ruling Sun Lord has fallen into the Underworld ruled by the Night Mistress, who has taken over his surface realm. The characters are from outside of Darkvale and have travelled there to work out what is happening and why their once bright northern neighbour is now permanently overcast with dark clouds. This will be split over four pdfs, which are nearly written and will be completed when they fund.

  1. Hidden Shrine. A quick Introductory adventure. It comprises a short encounter area, the Hidden Shrine of the title, wrapped up in the story of a Sun Priest who has disappeared from his temple in the town of Little Dithering.
  2. This Road Leads to Death. After the events of Hidden shrine, the characters head along the Victory Way to report what happened to the priest to the Merchant’s Guild in the town of Ridsdale. A body at the side of the road on the homestretch throws the characters into a sinister set of events.
  3. Death Comes To Ridsdale. A longer adventure where the characters reach Ridsdale and find that the forces of the Night Mistress have overrun it.
  4. The Darkvale Gazetteer. A quick setting guide with events/encounter tables and adventure seeds so you can continue adventuring there after completing the mini-saga of the three adventures previously funded.

In keeping with SimpleQuest, the stretch goal write-ups will be brief and to the point. The aim of all of the above is to quickly give you a memorable and playable setting that you can either use as a self-contained setting or drop into an existing campaign.

Here’s the work-in-progress map of the setting.