I’m on the last round of proofing before pdfs go out to backers and go to print proof at DriveThruRPG.com, but it occurred to me that OpenQuest Dungeons has a lot of new stuff in it for the game.

OpenQuest Dungeons contains:

  • Five New Religions.
  • Five New Spells.
  • Describes in game terms twenty-six traps.
  • Gives details of three non-human species as playable character options.
  • Four new Ready Made Concepts.
  • Eleven Dungeoneering Actions.
  • Three new Dungeon Adventures.
  • Thirty-two Non-Player character profiles.
  • Six new creatures.
  • Twelve stock non-player characters to use in encounters and as retainers.
The first printed version of OpenQuest.

The first printed version of OpenQuest.

I’m just putting the finishing touches on the book, and I expect the pdf to go to backers this weekend, then off to print proof on Monday, and pre-orders opening then, too.