Ready-Made Concepts

Ready-made concepts give quick ideas for players who are struggling to decide which skills and magic to choose.

Follow the character generation process up to the section on spending points on skills and choosing magic (steps 4 & 5). Instead of step 4 and 5, use the skill points and magic spells allocation as listed for the concept. Roll for money as normal but write down all the suggested equipment on the character sheet instead of the normal default adventuring starting equipment.

Each concept has the following components:

A name. A one-sentence summary of the concept.

  • Skills. A ready-made points allocation for each of the skills groups.
  • Personal Magic. Non-variable spells have the magic point cost in square brackets.
  • Equipment.

So here we go here’s an example of a ready-made concept for players who are stuck for ideas.

Adventurous and Knowledge-Hungry Scholar


Resistances: Dodge +30, Persistence +10, Resilience +10 (50 points total).

Combat: Close Combat+20, Ranged Combat+10, Unarmed Combat +20 (50 points total).

Knowledge: Language (Other) +20, Lore (Ancient Dead Civilisations) +30 (50 points total).

Practical: Athletics + 25, Influence +20, Perception +30. (75 points total).

Personal Magic: Coordination 2, Protection 2, Second Sight [2] (6 points total).

Equipment: Scholar’s robes over leather armour, staff or dagger, and sling & stones.