Other Actions

Cast Spell: Spells take effect in an order determined by the caster’s Magic Casting skill.

Delay:  A character may pause to assess the tactical situation around them.

If a delaying character merely wishes to act after a specific character has acted, they wait until that character has finished their combat action.

If a delaying character wishes to interrupt a specific character’s action as it occurs, the character must make an opposed test appropriate to their interrupting action (a weapon skill test if the character wishes to attack, for instance). Whoever wins the test acts first.

Intimidate: The character tries to get the other side to surrender or flee, directed at a single enemy or a group. The rules are covered above in the section on Social Combat.

Ready/Change Weapons: If the character has their weapon ready at the start of the combat they can use it straight away. If the character changes weapons, e.g. from a bow to a sword, it takes one combat round.  If parrying a Close Combat attack while changing weapons, the character may do so at -20%. They may Dodge without this penalty.

Skill Use: The character performs one action which requires the use of a skill, such as opening a locked door with the Mechanisms skill.