Ranged Combat Actions

Ranged combat attack:  The character can make a single ranged combat attack. As well as a normal attack, there are the following special attacks.

Aim: Every round spent aiming adds a +20% bonus to the character’s Ranged Combat skill, up to a maximum modified skill of 100%.  This bonus only applies to the first attack the character makes with the weapon at the aimed target. A character can take no other action or reaction while aiming without losing the aim bonus. This action can overcome the reduction in Ranged Skill due to the weapon being used at double its range.

Throwing Close Combat Weapons

If a close combat weapon does not have a dual design as a thrown weapon, and is hurled at an enemy, then it has a range of 8m and suffers a penalty to the attack of -20%. Use the character’s Ranged Combat skill to make the attack.

Using Ranged Weapons

All ranged attacks are handled in the same manner as close combat attacks, with the following exceptions:

Charging: Ranged attacks may not be used by a character during a Charge (see Movement Combat Actions).

Loading ranged weapons: Most ranged weapons only take single combat round to ready. Others take more than one combat round to reload. Consult the weapon’s Rate of Fire on the character sheet.

Range: Within the weapon’s range the Attacker shoots without penalty.  If the target is within double the weapon’s range, the attacker’s weapon skill is modified by -20%.  Attacks cannot be made at a distance beyond twice/double the weapon’s range.

Dodging and parrying: The target may attempt to Parry or Dodge a hand-thrown ranged attack but may not normally Dodge or parry ranged missile weapons (such as Bow and Crossbow fire). Shield-carrying characters may attempt to parry hand-thrown missile weapons if the target is aware of the attack (see page <OV>).


Cover affects both ranged and close combat attacks. For missile attacks, the defender benefits from the best of the shield modifiers in the table above and the cover modifiers below.

Partial cover -20%. For example, a low wall that leaves only head and torso exposed.

Excellent cover -50%. For example, defender on a castle wall, firing from protected battlements.

Virtually total cover -75%. For example, behind a castle wall with arrow slits for defenders to shot through.

Ranged Attack Situational Modifiers

Situation Skill Modifier
Wind 1
High wind –20%
Fierce wind –50%
Hurricane Attack automatically fails
Target Movement 1
Target has moved 10m or more since the attacker’s last Combat Action –20%
Target has moved 30m or more since last Combat Round –50%
Target Visibility 1
Target obscured by smoke, mist or is in partial darkness –20%
Target obscured by thick smoke, fog or is in darkness –50%
Target is above SIZ 20 +20%
Target Condition1
Target is helpless +20%
Target prone –20%
Attacker Condition2
Attacker is prone –50%
Attacker is underwater3 –20%
The attacker is on unstable ground –20%
Attacker is blinded –50%
  1. Modifiers within these sections are not cumulative. However, modifiers from different sections are cumulative. Therefore, shooting at a target within a mist that has moved more than 10m since the attacker’s last Combat Action imparts a –50% penalty.
  2. Attacker condition modifiers are cumulative.
  3. Only thrown weapons may be used underwater. Bows and other projectile weapons will automatically miss if fired underwater.

Firing into a Crowd

When firing into a crowd, the Referee will determine how much cover the target has from the ranged attack. The Attacker then makes a ranged attack modified by the target’s cover.

If the attack fails to hit the target and succeeds against an unmodified attack skill, the attacker has hit one of the individuals adjacent to the target (chosen by the Referee). The accidental target may Dodge against this attack as usual.