Ranged Weapons

The following qualities characterise each ranged weapon:

Damage Dice: The damage the weapon deals on a successful attack.

Range: This is the effective range of the weapon.  A target within the weapon’s range attacked without a modifier for range. A target within double the weapon’s range has the attacker’s effective Ranged Combat skill is halved, before other modifiers are applied. Attacks against targets beyond double the weapon’s range automatically fail.

Rate: This shows how many missiles can be fired per Combat Rounds, taking into consideration the time to load the weapon. For example, 1 CR, means one missile every combat round, while 1/3 CR means one missile every three combat rounds.

ENC: The weapon’s encumbrance. The weight and bulk of the weapon.

Cost: The price in silver pieces of the weapon.

Ranged Weapon Ammunition

Ammunition ENC Cost
Arrows (10) 1 SP
Blowgun darts (10) 2 SP
Crossbow bolts (10) 2 SP
Sling bullets (10) 5 CP


Using Ranged Weapons in Close Combat

If used in close combat, a ranged weapon is treated as an improvised weapon, doing damage equal to its closest hand-to-hand equivalent if that is less than its ranged weapon damage.

Ranged Combat Weapons

Weapon Damage Range Rate ENC Cost
Missile Weapon 2H          
Blowgun 1D2 15m 1 CR 30 SP
Heavy Crossbow 2D6 150m 1/3 CR 2 350 SP
Light Crossbow 1D8 125m 1/2 CR 1 150 SP
Long Bow 1D10 150m 1 CR 1 150 SP
Nomad Bow 1D8 125m 1 CR 1 150 SP
Short bow, Staff Sling 1D8 75m 1 CR 1 75 SP
Sling 1H 1D6 50m 1 CR 5 SP
Thrown Weapons          
Dagger Close, Knife Close 1D6 STR*m 1 CR 30 SP
Hatchet Close 1D8 STR*m 1 CR 1 25 SP
Dart, Throwing Star 1D4 STR*m 1 CR 15 SP
Javelin/Shortspear Close 1D6 STR*2m 1 CR 1 20 SP
Rock/ improvised 1D4 STR*m 1 CR 1


1H: This weapon is a one-handed weapon.

2H: This weapon must have two hands-free to be used effectively unless otherwise specified.  A buckler can be strapped to the forearm, but cannot be used for attack or defence while wielding or shooting this weapon.

Close: This weapon suffers no penalty when used in close combat.