Every piece of equipment in the Equipment chapter has an Encumbrance (ENC) score, apart from those items that are too small or light. Characters can usually ignore the effects on Encumbrance that these light items have until they start to carry a lot of them – assume that an average of 20 such items will equal 1 ENC, on the basis that the character has a suitable means of carrying them, such as a sack or backpack.

A character can carry equipment which has a total ENC of less than or equal to their STR+SIZ without penalty.

Encumbrance is a measure of not only weight but also the bulk of the item, reflecting the awkwardness of handling the item. Roughly 1 ENC is equal to 1/4 of a SIZ point.


A character carrying total ENC greater than their STR+SIZ is Overloaded.

Overloaded characters suffer a –20% penalty to all tests that require physical actions, including Weapon skill tests and most tests that have DEX or STR as a Characteristic.

Overloaded characters have their Movement halved. They also suffer a –20% penalty to all Fatigue tests.

A character cannot carry more than twice their STR+SIZ in ENC.