The following qualities characterise a set of armour:

AP: The armour point value of the armour.

ENC: The armour’s encumbrance. The weight and bulk of the armour.

Cost: The cost of the armour in silver pieces.

Effects of SIZ on Armour

Armour made for a character of SIZ 1 to 5 will have its cost and ENC halved from that shown on the Armour table. Characters of SIZ 21 or higher will double the cost and ENC for armour made for them.

Plate Armour: Characters may try using plate armour not designed for them, but at double ENC.

Layering Armour: Characters may not wear more than one type of armour, i.e. layer armour, to get increased Armour Points.


Armour AP ENC Cost Description
Leather 2 3 500 SP Either padded leather or boiled and stiffened leather or linen armour.
Ringmail 3 5 1000 SP Metal rings sown onto a padded leather suit.
Scalemail 4 7 1500 SP Metal scales sewn on to a padded leather suit.
Chainmail 5 8 3000 SP Links of chain made into a suit.
Platemail 6 12 9000 SP Steel plates that cover the body, over a chain mail backing.