Combat Actions (Summary)

The actions a character may take when it is their turn to act are detailed here.  A character can only choose one of the options below each round.

Summary of Combat Actions

Action Description
All-Out Attack Two attacks at -20%. Gives up the ability to defend for the round.
Athletic Attack Roll once. Must pass versus both Athletics (which represents the move) and the combat skill which you are using to attack with. If you succeed, you automatically score a critical hit. If you fail, you automatically score a fumble.
Cast Spell The spell takes effect when the character’s turn comes up in the order of combat (as determined by Magic Casting skill).

The spell is not cast if casting is interrupted and concentration lost.

Change Stance May move from prone to standing and vice versa.
Charge The character moves at a running pace from Ranged to Close distance, followed by a close combat attack with a +1D6 to damage. The character loses their defensive reaction in the round.
Close Combat Attack Character attacks opponent with a weapon, testing vs Close Combat skill. If they are successful, then they inflict weapon damage plus damage modifier.
Delay The character either waits until after another character’s action or tries to interrupt it.
Disarming Attack Attacking to disarm an opponent, which does no physical damage.
Fighting Retreat The character disengages from combat. If opposed, either fight another round successfully or use Deception to escape the battle.
Great Attack The character makes one attack at +20% at maximum damage. The character gives up all defensive reactions for the round.
Intimidation The character uses their Influence skill, to persuade foes to flee or surrender.
Ranged Combat Attack Character attacks opponent with a weapon, tests vs Ranged Combat skill. If successful, then does weapon damage plus damage modifier.
Ready/Change Weapon The character draws or loads a weapon, making it ready for combat.
Set Weapon If the weapon can be set in advance of a charge, the user gains +20% to attack, before the charging character.
Shield Defence The character does nothing except defend against attacks using a medium or large shield. Parries with the shield are +20%. The defender does not suffer the usual penalty for defending against multiple attacks.
Skill Use The character uses a non-combat skill.
Escaping Sprint The character moves at running speed out of close combat. May not attack and may only Dodge as a reaction. This action allows the character to move from Close to Ranged distance.
Unarmed Attack The character can attack using a natural weapon, such a fist or claw, or grapple.
Whirling Dervish While using a small shield the character does not suffer the usual penalty for defending against multiple attacks.