Healing can be performed in one of three ways – using the Healing skill, a magical spell, or through natural healing, resting while the injuries heal themselves.

Natural Healing

A character’s Minor injuries regain CON/4 (round up) hit points per 24 hours, as long as the character does not engage in anything more than light activity.

Mortal wounds do not naturally heal, see the section below for more details.

Magical Healing

However magical healing is achieved, whether from a spell, prayer or potion, it has an instantaneous effect.

Unless specifically stated, magical healing cannot re-attach severed limbs or revive the dead.

Mortal Wounds

Mortal wounds are those that reduce the character’s hit points to zero or below.

Mortal wounds do not heal naturally on their own and require intervention from a character using the Healing skill or magical healing spells such as Heal at magnitude 6 (see Personal Magic on page <?>), the Divine Magic spell Divine Heal (see page <?>), or the Sorcery spell Treat Wounds (see page <?>).

In addition to the restoration of hit points, any characters suffering a Mortal Wound that receive even a single hit point restoration through magical healing will immediately stop bleeding and will heal naturally. The character will also regain consciousness on a successful Resilience skill test.