Close Combat Weapons

All Close Combat weapons use the Close Combat skill.  The following qualities characterise each close combat weapon:

Damage Dice: The damage the weapon deals on a successful attack.

ENC: The weapon’s encumbrance a measure of its weight and bulk.

Cost: The cost of silver pieces to purchase this weapon.


Set: As explained in the combat rules, the end of this weapon can be dug into the ground, or set, when facing an incoming charging opponent.

Range: This weapon suffers no penalty when thrown.

LS:  This weapon is usable as a long spear, which includes being able to set against charges. The wielder must state at the start of combat how it is being wielded and must take a change stance action to alter its usage.

Flex: This weapon can be used two-handed.  When used in two hands, it gains +1 damage.

2H: This weapon must be used two-handed.

Improvised and primitive weapons: such as a stone hatchet, stone spear or a convenient log picked up and used as a club, do the same damage as the base weapon -1.

Close Combat Weapons

Weapon Damage ENC Cost
Melee weapons
Cosh 1D4 1 5 SP
Club Flex, Hatchet Range 1D6 1 20 SP
Quarterstaff 2H 1D8 2 20 SP
Battleaxe, Warhammer, War pick, Ball & Chain, Mace Flex 1D8 2 120 SP
Greathammer2H, Great Axe2H, Military Flail2H, War Maul2H 2D8 4 200 SP
Halberd LS & 2H, Polearm LS & 2H,Glaive LS & 2H 1D8 3 200SP
Small  (eg. Buckler or Psilos) 1D4 1 50 SP
Medium (eg. Target Shield) 1D6 2 150 SP
Large (Hoplon, Kite, Viking Round) 1D8 3 300 SP
Spears Set, Flex
Lance 1D10 3 150 SP
Longspear LS & 2H 1D8 2 30 SP
ShortspearRange 1D6 2 20 SP
Swords and Knives
Bastard Sword Flex 1D10 2 250 SP
DaggerRange, Knife Range 1D4+1 20 SP
Greatsword 2H 2D8 4 300 SP
Longsword, Scimitar 1D8 2 150 SP
Rapier 1D6 1 150 SP
Shortsword, Gladius 1D6 1 100 SP