Creature Format

Each of the following creatures is described in the following format.


These are the characteristics that the creature possesses. If a creature is missing a characteristic for any reason, the effect of this is noted under the Special rules section for that creature.   Two scores are given for each characteristic. Firstly, the dice range which you can roll to determine an individual’s characteristics randomly, and in brackets the score of an average individual of that species. This average score is used throughout the rest of the stats, so you can quickly pick up and use the creatures. If you randomly roll characteristics, you will have to adjust the rest of the skills and other characteristic dependent scores accordingly.

A creature with a randomly determined INT is considered sentient – it is a rational creation capable of logical thought and self-determination. A creature with a fixed INT (any INT listed as a single number, rather than a die roll) is not sentient. Fixed INT creatures operate solely on instinct rather than logic or intuition.


The grouping gives the hit points, damage modifier and magic points of the creature. Again, these are based upon the characteristic scores of an average member of the species. Also listed is the creature’s movement rate (MR), with a note if the creature can fly or swim. The profile also gives typical armour worn, including the Armour Points (AP), as well as the creature’s Loot Factor (Loot, see page <?>).


Creatures have skills like player characters. This section breaks down into the skills categories and details the significant skills that an average member or this species will have. Combat skills have the damage listed, including damage modifier, and other details for the weapon used, in brackets next to the weapons name.  Unless otherwise noted, a creature with multiple attack forms will only get to use one as its combat action.


This section gives suggestions of the type of magic spells that an average member of the species will know.

Special Rules

This section has details of other rules that apply to the creature. Its abilities are described where necessary.