Unarmed Combat Actions

The character can make a single Unarmed Combat Attack with the express intent of either Striking, Holding or Throwing their opponent.

Making Unarmed Combat Attacks

  1. Making the attack: The attacker declares their intent to either strike, hold or throw before making the attack. Roll against their Unarmed Combat skill to determine if the attack is successful.
  2. Target reaction: If successful, the opponent may use their Dodge or Close Combat parry as a reaction to avoid the attack or use Unarmed Combat as their Reaction.
  3. Resisting using Unarmed Combat: If they successfully use Unarmed Combat as a reaction, the opponent can either decide to avoid the attack OR if they haven’t used their action this round, they may counter attack and immediately apply the effects of a strike, hold or throw on the Attacker.
  4. Damage resolution: If the opponent’s reaction fails then the attacker may inflict one of the following effects on their opponent:
  • Strike: The attacker inflicts their Unarmed Damage (usually Fist/Kick of 1D4 + damage modifier) minus any armour that their opponent is wearing.
  • Hold: The held opponent may attempt to break free once per round as their action. Make an opposed Unarmed Combat roll to see if they escape. At the end of each round that the opponent is held, including the first, the attacker may inflict damage of 1D4 + damage modifier. Armour does not help
  • Throw: The opponent is thrown 2 metres and suffers damage equal to the attacker’s damage modifier. The grapple ends in this case.