Special Combat Rules

Mounted Combat

A mounted warrior has a +20% bonus to their attacks and parries against adjacent opponents on foot; a character on foot defending against a mounted attacker suffers a –20% penalty to their Reaction skill. These modifiers do not apply if the target on foot is as tall as the mounted character is while mounted.

A mounted character uses their mount’s Movement Rate when moving rather than their own.

A mounted adventurer can use no weapon at a skill level greater than their Riding skill score.

Untrained Mounts

The rider of a mount which is unused to combat must make a Riding Skill test at the start of each Combat Round.

Failing this test will cause the mount to automatically use the Flee Combat Action at the first opportunity for the remainder of the Combat Round.

Succeeding this test allows the mount to act as if battle trained for the remainder of the Combat Round.

Two-Weapon Use

A character wielding two weapons or a weapon and a shield may use the off-hand item to either:

Parry one additional attack per Combat Round without any penalty (after this extra parry the cumulative -20% penalty per additional attack parried applies).


Gain a single bonus Close Combat Attack action. This bonus attack is at -20% Close Combat skill. The second attack occurs at half the character’s skill in order of combat.  Also, this may only be a normal Close Combat Attack, not an All-Out Attack, Disarming Attack or a Great Attack.

For example, a warrior armed with sword and shield, can attack with the sword normally and then follow this up immediately with a shield bash at -20% to the shield attack.

Shield Use

Shields are a special type of combat equipment, whose obvious use is as a moveable piece of armour to parry close combat  attacks, but which can also be used to make attacks and block ranged attacks.  This section explains their many uses.

Using Shields to Parry Close Combat Attacks

This is the most common use of shields, as described on page <OV>.

Using Shields to Perform an Attack

Shields can also be used to attack, either on their own as a standard attack to do what is called a shield bash, or with a one-handed weapon to perform a multiple weapon attack (see page <OV>).

Using Shields Against Ranged Attacks

Shields can defend against Ranged Attacks, if their users are aware of the attack, in two ways.

Parrying Thrown Missiles. Medium and large shields can parry incoming thrown ranged weapons, such as spears.

As Cover against Missiles. Medium and large shields provide cover against missile attacks when set against them. The defender sets their shield against the onslaught of missile fire, delaying their action until the missiles have stopped firing. Medium shields give a -20% penalty to incoming Ranged Attacks, while large shields give a -50% penalty due to cover.

Using Large Shields during a Fighting Retreat

Large Shields give a +50% modifier to the Close Combat skill of character using this Movement Action (see page <OV>).

Shield Combat Actions

Whirling Dervish (Small). You can attack with a 1-Handed weapon and defend with your small sized shield, without the normal cumulative -20% penalty for multiple defences, since the combination of weapon and shield is light and manoeuvrable.

Shield Defence (Medium/Large). Your combat action is to use your shield in defence for the entire combat round. As a result, you get a +20% modifier to all parries using your shield. On a critical success, you get an automatic counterstrike against your opponent doing your weapons for normal damage. You also do not suffer the cumulative -20% penalty for defending against multiple attacks.

Using Shields, a Summary

Size of Shield Damage Missile Cover Combat Actions
Small (Buckler) 1D4 None Parry Close Combat attacks, Close Combat attack, Whirling Dervish
Medium (Target) 1D6 -20% Parry Close Combat attacks, Close Combat attack, Parry Thrown Missiles, Cover against missile attacks, Shield Defence.
Large (Kite, Viking Round) 1D8 -50% Parry Close Combat attacks, Close Combat attack, Parry Thrown Missiles, Cover against missile attacks, +50% during Fighting Retreat, Shield Defence.