Illumination and Darkness

Illuminating Items

Example Radius
Candle or embers 1 m
Flaming brand or lantern 3 m
Campfire 5 m
Bonfire 10 m
Light spell 10 m but, unlike natural light sources, the Light spell only illuminates a 10 m radius and does not provide partial darkness or darkness to areas beyond this radius.

Dark Sight

This ability allows the character to treat pitch-black conditions as if dark. It is normally possessed by subterranean or darkness aligned creatures.

Night Sight

This ability allows the character to treat partial darkness as illuminated and darkness as only partial darkness. Nocturnal creatures normally possess this.

Illumination and Darkness Effects

The following table gives the effects of various types of illumination and darkness on the characters.

Illumination Effects

Environment is Effects
Brightly Illuminated None.
Illuminated None.
Partial Darkness –20% to vision-based Perception tests.
Dark -50% to vision-based Perception tests. Movement Rate halved.
Pitch Black Perception tests reliant on vision become near impossible, as are ranged attacks. Close combat attacks are at -50%. Movement rate a quarter of normal.