While underwater or moving through a poison gas cloud, a character can hold their breath for a number of Combat Rounds equal to their CON.

Once a character has surpassed the time for which they can hold their breath, they must make a Resilience test every round with a cumulative –10% penalty. On a failed roll, the character automatically starts inhaling the suffocating substance.

Suffocating Substances

Substance Inhaled Damage Taken
Water 2D6
Vacuum 2D6
Thick Smoke 1D6
Poison Gas A character suffers poison exposure. If the gas is also a thick smoke, then 1D6 damage is incurred in addition to the poison’s effect.


Armour points do not reduce suffocation damage. The damage will only cease once the character can draw breathable air once more. Even then, the character will require a Resilience test to be able to do anything other than wretch or gasp for breath for 1D4 combat rounds.