Divine Magic Spells A to D


Duration 15, Magnitude 1, Progressive, Touch

This spell absorbs incoming spells aimed at the target or their equipment, converting their magical energy into magic points which are then available to the target. Once cast on a subject, Absorption will attempt to absorb the effects of any spells cast at the target. It will not have any effect on spells that are already affecting a character. The effects of Absorption depend on the relative magnitude of both itself and the incoming spell – see the Absorption Results table for more details. Any spell absorbed by this spell is cancelled and does not affect the target.

Absorption Results

Incoming Spell’s Magnitude is Effect
Equal to or weaker than Absorption’s magnitude. Incoming spell absorbed and Absorption remains.
1 or more points stronger than Absorption’s magnitude. Absorption eliminated and incoming spell takes effect.

A character may not accumulate more magic points than his POW while Absorption is in effect – excess magic points garnered through Absorption simply vanish. Absorption is incompatible with Reflection, Shield and Spirit Block.


Duration 15, Magnitude 2, Non-variable, Touch

The recipient of this spell is overcome with blood-lust, causing them to disregard their safety and loyalties but imbuing them with tremendous stamina and combat ability.

The recipient will automatically succeed any Resilience test for the duration of the spell. The recipient also automatically succeeds at any Fatigue tests and cannot be rendered unconscious. The Close Combat skills of the recipient receive a +50% bonus for the spell’s duration.

However, the subject may not Parry, Dodge or cast any magic spells while under the influence of Berserk. Normally, the recipient remains in the Berserk state for the entire 15-minute duration of the spell. Still, Referees may allow a Berserk character to shake off the effects with a Persistence test modified by -50%. At the end of the spell, the recipient immediately becomes Fatigued.

Berserk does not combine with Fanaticism – Berserk will always take precedence in such cases.

Block Fertility

Magnitude 3, Non-variable, Permanent

While this spell is in place, the recipient is unable to conceive. Depending on the view of the recipient, this is a blessing or a curse. The spell can be dispelled by the caster whenever they want. Otherwise, the effects of the spell are permanent.

Breathe Water

Duration 15, Magnitude 2, Non-variable, Touch

This spell allows an air-breathing creature to breathe water for the spell’s duration (the subject will still be able to breathe air as well). It may also be used upon a water-breathing creature to allow it to breathe air.

Call (Elemental)

Magnitude 1, Permanent, Progressive

This spell summons and binds to the service of the caster an elemental from another plane of existence, of size dependent on the magnitude of the spell.

1 = Small, 2= Medium, 3= Large, 4=Huge

For more details on Elementals, see Chapter 11 ‘Creatures’.

The elemental stays under the control of the Priest until killed, or the Call spell is dispelled.

To be successfully cast, the spell requires an equal volume of the source material for the elemental. For example, before a successful summoning, a Large Undine (Water elemental) requires a pool of water of at least 50m3.

Call (Undead)

Magnitude 1, Permanent, Progressive

This spell reanimates a dead human corpse and turns it into an undead creature, of a type determined by the magnitude of the spell.

1 = Skeleton, 2 = Zombie, 5= Ghoul, 8= Vampire

The undead creature stays under the control of the Priest until killed.


Area Special, Common, Magnitude 1, Permanent, Progressive

This spell is as much a part of a temple’s foundation as is its cornerstone. It creates a sphere with a radius of ten metres per point of magnitude. The consecrated sphere is sacred to the caster’s god. Consecrate by itself does nothing to keep outsiders at bay, but the caster of the spell will know if a spell, spirit or someone who is not a lay member of his religion, crosses the boundaries of the Consecrate spell.

Create Blessed Items

Area Special, Common, Magnitude 1, Permanent, Progressive

This spell allows the caster to create items which store Divine Magic spell(s) that are blessed by a Priest with power from the religion’s deity.

Only Priests and High Priests can create blessed items.

The enchanter forgets the spell(s) they blessed the item with.

The wielder of the item can cast the spell(s) that has blessed the item but doing so discharges the item’s power. After discharging it, to recharge the item, it is taken to a temple of the religion that created it. This recharge takes as many hours as the magnitude of the spell. If the magnitude of the spell is higher than two, the consecrating team must have at least one Priest.

The wielder must be a member of either the religion that created the blessed item or an allied religion.

Blessed items become protected by the religion’s deity and are unbreakable by normal non-magical means.

Create Idol

Common, Magnitude 4, Permanent

This spell requires an image of the caster’s god worth 100 GD, specially consecrated by a Priest reading from the sacred texts of the deity telling the tales and myths. The idol stores the god’s spells and can be used by Priest and Initiates to regain spells. It can be used by Lay Members to receive ‘lessons’, via visions, upon touching the idol.  Such visions will increase the Religion skill of a Lay Member by 1D10% when exposed to them.

Create the Crystal Ship

Magnitude 4, duration the length of the voyage

From out of the air coalesces the Crystal Ship, a magical vessel that sails through the air to a single destination preordained by the caster. The caster need never have been there, but the caster’s deity must know of it. The ship is about the size of a merchant cog and fitted with no weapons.  Although the ship heads steadily towards the destination, at a rate of 100 km a day, the fine manoeuvring of the ship is managed by the thoughts of the caster.

Dismiss Magic

Common, Instant, Magnitude 1, Progressive, Ranged

Dismiss Magic is used either against a general target or a specific spell and as a reaction when attacked with magic.

When used against a general target, Dismiss Magic will eliminate a combined magnitude of spells equal to its magnitude, starting with the most powerful affecting the target. If it fails to eliminate any spell (because the spell’s magnitude is too high), then its effects immediately end and it will dispel no more spells.

The caster can also target Dismiss Magic against a single specific spell. It will work successfully as long as Dismiss Magic’s magnitude equals or exceeds the target spell’s magnitude.

When used as a defensive reaction against incoming magic, as long as the attacking caster is within Dismiss Magic’s range, a successful Dismiss Magic disrupts the other spell and nullifies it.


Common, Instant, Magnitude 1, Progressive

For each point of the magnitude of this spell, the caster can ask one question of their deity, which they must answer to the best of their ability.  A deity can only answer questions it knows about, and that falls within its sphere of power. For example, a Mountain God will know exactly what is going on its slopes at any given time but will be completely ignorant about the ocean.

Gods will also commonly ask for a sacrifice of an animal or precious object worth one gold ducat per question asked. Particularly cruel and bloodthirsty deities will demand blood sacrifices of sentient beings.

Note, a weaker and less direct form of divination can be obtained at temples and shrines, without use of this spell. See Asking the Gods above.

Divine Heal

Instant, Magnitude 2, Non-variable, Touch

This powerful spell instantly heals any lost hit points, even if the character is mortally wounded, back to their full total. It also cures any natural disease, i.e. one not caused by a spirit; and any deadly poison is purged instantly from the character. Any damage or effects caused by it are removed.