Divine Magic Spells E to H

Enhance Fertility

Magnitude 3, Non-variable, Permanent

This spell makes any one creature more fertile than normal. If it is an animal that has multiple offspring, then it doubles the number. For creatures who usually have singular births, it guarantees the conception and birth of the offspring.

This spell negates the effects of any “Block Fertility” spell.

Enhance Unit

Magnitude 3, Non-variable, Duration 6 hours

For the duration of this spell, a troop of up to thirty soldiers gain +1D6 damage.  Also, they cannot be routed or affected by any mind control magic (such as Befuddle).


Common, Magnitude 5, Non-variable, Permanent, Resist (Persistence)

This spell severs the mystical link an Initiate enjoys with their god, causing the target of the spell to immediately and permanently lose all Divine Magic from the caster’s religion. The target will never again be able to learn or use Divine Magic spells from the religion. However, they will still be able to use their Religion skill for purely academic purposes.

A Priest of the same religion as the target casts the spell in a ceremony that takes one hour to cast. The Initiate need not be present.


Common, Concentration, Magnitude 3, Non-variable

A Divine Magic caster can draw out a spirit currently possessing a mortal being by using this spell. Whether the possession is dominant or covert is immaterial.

This spell forces a possessing spirit into Spirit Combat. The caster uses his Religion (Own) as the attacking skill in the opposed contest, as this represents the strength of their faith. If the caster is successful in defeating the spirit, it is cast out of the victim and flees. If the caster fails, the spirit remains in the possessed victim.


Common, Duration Special, Magnitude 1, Progressive

This spell lengthens the duration of any Divine Magic spell with the Duration trait. Extension, and the spell it is extending, are cast simultaneously by the caster – this is an exception to the normal rule that only one Divine Magic spell is cast during a combat round.

Each point of magnitude of the Extension spell doubles the target spell’s duration. Thus, a magnitude 1 Extension increases Breathe Water’s Duration to 30 minutes, a magnitude 2 increases it to one hour, magnitude 3 increases it to two hours, magnitude 4 increases it to four hours, and so on.


Instant, Magnitude 1, Ranged, Resist (Persistence), Non-variable

This spell causes the target to become overwhelmed with fear. Fear does not affect unconscious targets, those without an INT characteristic or those that are currently under the influence of a Fear spell.

Fear Effects

Target’s Persistence Test Effect
Target fumbles Persistence test The victim instantly loses half original hit points damage, as its heart falters. Falls into a coma for 1D12 hours.
Target fails Persistence test The victim flees in screaming terror for combat rounds equal to 20 minus its POW (minimum of one combat round). The victim will not engage in combat unless forced to and will use the Run combat action whenever possible (unless a faster mode of egress is available).
Target succeeds Persistence test The victim is shaken and disturbed, suffering a –20% penalty to all skill tests for combat rounds equal to 20 minus its POW (minimum of one combat round).
Target critically succeeds Persistence test The victim is unaffected by the spell and cannot be affected by further Fear spells for combat rounds equal to its POW.

Find (Type)

Duration 15, Magnitude 1, Non-variable, Ranged

This spell is several spells, though they all operate in a similar fashion, which allows the caster to locate the closest target of the spell within its range. This effect is stopped by a thick substance such as metal, earth or stone, if it is at least one metre thick. It is also blocked by Absorption, though the caster will know the target is somewhere within range (though not its precise location). The separate Find spells are listed below.

Unlike the Personal Magic Detect spells, the Find spells do not require concentration on the part of the caster – they simply function and alert them to the presence of whatever they locate.

Find Enemy: Gives the location of one creature who intends to harm the caster.

Find Magic: Gives the location of the nearest magic item, magical creature, or active spell.

Find (Species): Each Find Species spell will give the location of the nearest creature of the specified species. Examples of this spell include Find Goblin, Find Dwarf and Find Horse.

Find Substance: Each Find Substance spell will give the location of the nearest substance of the specified type. Examples of this spell include Find Coal, Find Gold and Find Wood.

The Referee should provide the rough power of the detected subject (e.g. ‘weak magic’ or ‘rich gold lode’).