Divine Magic Spells M to Q


Instant, Magnitude 1, Non-variable, Ranged, Resist (Persistence, see below)

This spell causes the target to lose contact with reality and become a gibbering loon. Madness does not affect unconscious targets, those without an INT Characteristic or those that are already under the effect of a Madness spell.

Madness Effects

Target’s Persistence Test Effect
Target fumbles Persistence test Victim instantly loses 1D4 INT permanently and lapses into a catatonic state for minutes equal to 20 minus its POW (minimum of one combat round).
Target fails Persistence test

Victim gibbers and raves uncontrollably for combat rounds equal to 20 minus its POW (minimum of one combat round).


The victim will perform random combat actions during this period.


Roll 1D6.

Move to close combat attack a random target.

Run in a random direction (Roll 1D12 as clock face to determine direction).

Cast a spell at a random target.

Use ranged attack against a random target.

Shout at a random target.

Change stance.

Target succeeds Persistence test The victim is shaken and disturbed, suffering a –20% penalty to all skill tests for combat rounds equal to 20 minus its POW (minimum of one combat round).
Target critically succeeds Persistence test The victim is unaffected by the spell and cannot be affected by further Madness spells for combat rounds equal to its POW.


Instant, Magnitude 1, Progressive, Ranged, Resist (Persistence)

This spell applies a penalty to the victim’s INT equal to the magnitude of the spell. The effect lasts days equal to the Caster’s current CHA.


Duration 15, Magnitude 1, Progressive, Ranged

This spell allows the transmission of conscious thoughts, spell knowledge, runes and magic points between participants.

Additional points of magnitude allow multiple sets of people to be linked together, either creating several separate pairs of Mindlinked people or making the Caster the central hub of a small Mindlink network. In the second case, only the ‘central’ character is linked directly to other participants.

Mindlink must be cast upon all participants at the same time and is limited to consenting participants. Any participant in a Mindlink may use the spell knowledge and magic points of others they linked to without consent.

Participants in a Mindlink have a special vulnerability to INT, POW, CHA and morale-affecting spells. Such a spell cast against any member of a Mindlink will affect all those connected, though all participants are entitled to defend themselves individually.

Although participants in a Mindlink share magic points and conscious thought, they remain their own entity. Mindlink does not include hidden thoughts, memories, unconscious urges or permanent spell knowledge. A Mindlink participant may cast a spell using one of those the other participants have, but only if they have the necessary spell casting skill – Mindlink does not allow sharing of skills.

Any participant may sever their connection to the Mindlink as a combat action. If any participant in Mindlink leaves the spell’s range, that participant has left the Mindlink.

Miraculous Item

Duration 1 hour, Magnitude 1, Progressive

This spell allows the Caster to create items literally from nowhere. The size of the item depends upon the magnitude of the spell.

Magnitude vs. Size of Miraculous Item

Magnitude Size of item
1 Small items. Such as pots, plates, knives, and a defaced detail on a stone fresco, etc.
2 Medium. Large containers such as wine amphorae, target shields, long swords, human-sized armour, a missing arm on a broken statue.
3 Large. Tower shields, broken doors, a missing masonry feature such as a column.
4 Huge. Giant armour, ruined houses, shattered towers.
5 Enormous. The broken parts of a walking castle, the ruined walls of a city.


Such items are always of the finest quality and do not break under any circumstance.  For the cost of the magnitude in growth points, the item can last permanently.  Otherwise, it disappears after one hour.

Mythic Journey

Common, Duration 1 Day, Magnitude 4, Non-variable

This spell opens a gate to a place in the Houses of the Holy associated most closely with the worshipper’s deity or pantheon. The worshipper may take any number of companions with them but must be aware that if they are not acceptable to the residents of the place they are going to, they may be attacked or expelled. Also, the companions must have some strong spiritual connection with the caster, such as being members of the same religion or good friends.

Time works differently in the worlds of mythology, perhaps no longer being a workable concept, but for where time is important, in the Real World, the spell’s duration is the amount of time that the caster and their companions are away in the Mythic World.

For example, Ethelred uses this spell to travel to the Palace of the Celestial Emperor to ask him in person for help in the Real World against the invading Burning Horde. Once his business has finished there, he decides to stay and linger enjoying the delights of the Divine Court. Months pass, or so it seems, until Ethelred loses track of how many Imperial Banquets he has enjoyed. One morning, instead of waking up in his crystal room with its bed made of satin sheets, in the palace, he awakes in the Real World Temple of the Celestial Emperor in one of the initiates beds, a rather rude affair with rougher linen sheets. He asks the passing novice how long he has been away and finds out that it’s only a day after he passed through the gate when he cast the spell.

It is also possible to get trapped in the Mythic World (for example, through getting captured by magical powers) in which case the character does not return form the Mythic World until they escape whatever power that has them in their thrall.

For example, Nykos the Squire accompanies Ethelred to the Palace of the Celestial Emperor. While his master is conducting his business, Nykos meets one of the Imperial Handmaidens and becomes beguiled by her charms. When Ethelred returns to the real world, after months of pleasure, Nykos remains still under the spell of the Imperial Handmaiden.


Magnitude 2, Non-Variable, Touch, Resist (Persistence)

Mischief is a minor trickster’s spell which afflicts its target with a small irritating curse.

Roll 1D20 on the following list for a result, which stays in place for the duration of the spell.

Type of Mischief

Roll 1D20 Result
1 Clothes disappear.
2 Hair goes green.
3 Hair drops out.
4 Grows beard regardless of sex.
5 The target’s weapon becomes a bunch of flowers.
6 Armour becomes the festive dress of the opposite sex.
7 Feet become duck feet.
8 Head becomes that of a domestic animal (cow, pig, sheep, etc.).
9 Victim smells of excrement (-20% to any Deception or Influence rolls).
10 Wobbles uncontrollably, -20% to attacks, Athletics and any other roll involving dexterity.
11 The victim can only speak gibberish.
12 The victim says the most inappropriate things at the most socially awkward times. -20% to any Influence rolls.
13 The victim falls asleep for 1D6 rounds on failed Persistence roll whenever they enter combat.
14 Makes loud flatulent noises whenever they move; -25 to any Deception rolls.
15 The victim is compelled to tell the truth at all times.
16 No one ever takes the character seriously. Always has to make an Influence roll at -20% to convince others.
17 Turns into a dog.
18 Arms turn to rubber, unable to hold anything.
19 The victim becomes short, half SIZ.
20 Roll twice.


Concentration, Duration 6 hours, Magnitude 3, Resist (Persistence)

The caster uses this spell to enchant a puppet, which is the focus of the spell and the stand-in for the victim. The victim can use Persistence to resist the spell, and if they fail, their actions are controlled via the puppet by the caster, for the duration of the spell. The victim is aware of not being in control of their body but is powerless to stop it. The exception to this rule is when the victim’s life or that of a friend is in danger because of the Puppeteer’s commands. Then the victim is allowed another Persistence roll, and, if successful, break free of the spell’s control.

Purity (Religion/Creed)

Magnitude 2, Touch

This spell removes a perceived sin according to a particular religion. If the caster is out of favour because of said sin, all is forgotten and forgiven.


Area, Magnitude 2, Non-Variable

This spell creates a patch of quicksand 10m square. The earth in the area becomes boggy and saturated with water. On a failed Persistence roll, any character standing on the patch will sink into the earth, at a rate of 1 metre a combat round, The quicksand holds the victim firmly and only by dispelling the magic can they be rescued.

Once the duration of the spell is over, the victim, if not on the surface, is buried under the now solid earth (see Suffocation rules).