Divine Magic Spells R to Z

Radiant Appearance

Duration 1 Day, Magnitude 2, Non-Variable

The recipient of this spell glows with light and power. They gain +50% to any Influence rolls for the duration of the spell.  Also, any light-hating creatures suffer -20% when attacking the recipient.

Repair and Replace

Instant, Magnitude 1, Progressive

This spell repairs broken crafted items. It also replaces missing parts of an item.

The size of the item depends on the magnitude of the spell.

Size of Item vs Magnitude

Magnitude Size of Item
1 Small items, such as pots, plates, knives, a defaced detail on a stone fresco, etc.
2 Medium. Large containers, such as wine amphorae, target shields, long swords, human-sized armour, a missing arm on a broken statue.
3 Large. Tower shields, broken doors, a missing masonry feature such as a column.
4 Huge. Giant armour, ruined houses, shattered towers.
5 Enormous. The broken parts of a walking castle, the ruined walls of a city.


Duration 15, Magnitude 1, Progressive, Ranged

This spell reflects incoming spells aimed at the target or his equipment, redirecting the spell back at the original caster. Once cast on a subject, Reflection will attempt to reflect any spells cast at the target. It will not have any effect on spells that are already affecting a character. The effects of Reflection depend on the relative magnitude of both itself and the incoming spell – see the Reflection Results table for more details.

Reflection is incompatible with Absorption, Shield and Spirit Block

Reflection Results

Incoming Spell’s Magnitude is. . . Effect
Equal to or weaker than Reflection’s magnitude. Incoming spell reflected and Reflection remains.
1 or more points stronger than Reflection’s magnitude. Reflection is eliminated and the incoming spell takes effect.


Concentration Special, Instant, Magnitude 5, Non-variable, Touch

The body of the deceased must be present and must be whole. If the target died due to disease or poison, the recipient returns to life cured.

This spell summons the deceased spirit to return its former body. Taking minutes equal to the target’s totalled Characteristics to take effect, during which time the caster must maintain concentration on the spell. If interrupted, the spell fails. When the spell is successful, the dead character returns to life with one hit point.

Resurrect must be cast within days equal to the POW of the deceased. Casting the spell after this point results in the magic automatically failing.


Magnitude 3, Non-variable

When aimed at a body of warriors, of no more than one hundred persons, they must make a Persistence roll or immediately lose all cohesion as a unit and rout. Routing units move at double movement, away from the caster, to ideally a place of safety.  They will not defend themselves but will attack any enemy units that get in their way, to get through them to their place of safety.

See Past

Area, Concentration, Magnitude 2, Non-variable

When cast on a 10m area, the caster, as long as they concentrate, can see the area as it was in any past point of time they wish.  They still need to make successful Perception rolls to notice details, such as important clues, and they cannot interact with the scene they see in any way, shape or form.


Duration 15, Magnitude 1, Progressive

This spell protects the caster from physical and magical attacks. Each point of magnitude gives the caster one Armour Point and provides a +10% bonus to any tests the caster may make to resist malign magical effects. A magnitude 4 Shield spell provides the caster with +4 AP and a +40% bonus against malign spells, for instance. These effects are cumulative with other spells, as well as any physical armour the caster is wearing. Shield is incompatible with Absorption, Reflection and Spirit Block.

Soul Sight

Common, Duration 15, Magnitude 1, Non-variable, Touch

This spell allows the recipient to see the POW aura of anyone they looks at, enabling them to discern that creature’s current magic points, as well as the nature of any active spells or enchanted items the creature is carrying. It also allows the recipient to see into the Spirit World.

Stink Bomb

Magnitude 1, Resist (Resilience)

Upon being targeted by this spell, the victim becomes covered in a tightly fitting cloak of noxious smelling gas for 1D6 rounds. Each round the victim must make a Resilience test or take 1D4 damage. If the resistance test result is fumbled, the character is unconscious for the remaining duration of the spell from being knocked out by the smell.  All Influence tests and other social interactions are at -20% for the duration of the spell.

Spirit Block

Common, Duration 15, Magnitude 1, Progressive, Touch

Spirits may only touch the recipient of Spirit Block with a POW high enough to break through the spell’s magnitude (see table).

Spirit Block Effectiveness

Spirit Block’s Magnitude Recipient May Only Be Harmed By Spirits With…
1 POW 10 or higher
2 POW 17 or higher
3 POW 26 or higher
4 POW 37 or higher
5 POW 50 or higher
6 POW 65 or higher
7 POW 82 or higher
8 POW 101 or higher

A spirit unable to touch a Spirit Blocked character will not be able to personally attack or harm the recipient, including through ranged attacks (such as a thrown spectral javelin). A spell cast by a spirit at the recipient is blocked unless its magnitude exceeds Spirit Block’s magnitude.

Spirit Block is incompatible with Absorption, Reflection and Shield.

Sun Disc

Magnitude 1, Non-variable, Ranged, Resist (Dodge)

Upon casting this spell, the Caster projects a disc of blinding light from their hand. Targets in the path of the disc are blinded for 1D4 hours, unless they pass their Dodge skill test. Its warming effect melts ice upon contact, even magical ice, if under three magnitude in power, and gives anyone it touches +50% resistance versus cold.


Instant, Magnitude 4, Non-variable, Ranged, Resist (Dodge)

This spell will only function in direct sunlight. When cast, a shaft of light two metres wide streaks from the sky to blast a single target, who must be visible to the caster. If the target does not dive out of the way, the blazing light will burn it for 4D6 damage. Armour points are not effective against this damage, and it counts as both magical and fire damage.


Duration 15, Magnitude 1, Non-Variable, Ranged

When cast on a missile weapon (such as a knife, arrow, javelin or rock), firing it triggers the spell. Unless the wielder of the weapon rolls an automatic failure or a fumble, the missile hits successfully (though it may be dodged or parried). So long as the target is within the maximum range of the weapon, the missile will strike home, regardless of concealment or any other factors. Attempts to parry or dodge the missile suffer a –20% penalty.

Combining Sureshot with Firearrow, Multimissile or Speedart does not work, since Sureshot will always take precedence in such cases.

Thunder’s Voice

Magnitude 2, Non-variable

This spell grants the caster a loud voice of command which gives the caster +20% added to their Influence skill, heard at up to 200 metres.

Touch of Death

Magnitude 4, Non-variable, Touch, Instant, Resist (Persistence)

The caster must touch their victim, and on a failed Persistence test, the victim falls dead. This incredibly powerful spell is available to only members of religions whose deity wields the power of death itself. Usually, to redress the balance, where a person who by all rights should be dead is still alive.


Duration 1-day Magnitude 4

This spell creates a secure room, for one day, to store valuables.  All the entrances are locked and only the caster can come in and out without setting off a magical alarm that they can hear, no matter how far away from the room they are.

True (Weapon)

Duration 15 minutes, Magnitude 3 Non-variable, Ranged

When cast on the specified type of weapon, this spell doubles that weapon’s normal damage dice. Other modifiers, such as Damage Modifier, are not affected. The wielder of the weapon should roll the weapon’s damage twice and total the result.

Ward Camp

Area, Duration eight hours, Magnitude 2, Non-variable

This spell protects a camp with an area of 50 meters squared.  Anyone crossing the invisible boundary of the spell takes 1D10 damage and sets off a magical alarm that immediately awakens everyone within the camp.  The Ward stays in place, even after it has been crossed, for the full duration of the spell.

Wax Effigy

Magnitude 4, Non-variable, Resist (Persistence)

This spell enchants a small wax representation of the intended victim. Spells can be cast at the effigy and affect the victim, despite the distance between the effigy and the victim. The caster need not have seen/met the victim, since it is the power of their god that is providing the link.  Once a day, the victim can be caused physical harm by driving pins into the effigy, at 1D4 damage per pin. The caster can attempt to kill the victim outright by breaking off the head of the effigy.  In this case, the victim gets a Persistence roll to avoid death.  On a failed Persistence test, the victim dies. On a successful Persistence roll, the effigy no longer has any power over the victim.


Magnitude 1, Duration 15 minutes, Progressive

Each point of magnitude of this spell whips up a whirlwind capable of carrying 20 SIZ in its whirling vortex.  Each round the whirlwind moves ten metres per point, in a random direction (use a D8 to determine the direction, with 1 being North and 5 being South, progressing clockwise around the directions). For each point of magnitude the whirlwind is 10 metres tall.

If the whirlwind hits a character, make a Dodge roll to avoid being caught up in it. Characters caught are whipped off their feet, 1D6 metres into the vortex. Each round roll a 1D6 and consult the following table.

Whirlwind Results

Roll 1D6 Result
1-2 The character is carried up 1D10 metres (if already at the top, blown out of the whirlwind the additional height before falling to earth (taking damage).
3-4 Stay at the height they are.
5-6 Fall 1D6 down in the vortex. If this takes them to the ground, they take falling damage.