Personal Magic Spells Q to T

Read Emotion

Magnitude 1, Non-Variable, Instant, Resist (Persistence)

This spell, when cast, tells you what the true emotional state of the target is if they fail a Persistence roll.

Resist (Element)

This spell increases resistance against hostile effects, magic or otherwise, from a given element (Air/Darkness/Earth/Fire/Water) by 10% per point of magnitude and subtracts 2 points of damage from that element per point of magnitude.

Restore Energy

Instant, Touch

Each point of this spell’s magnitude instantly removes one fatigue level from the recipient.

Sap Energy

Instant, Touch, Resist (Resilience)

Each point of this spell’s magnitude adds one fatigue level from the target upon a failed Resilience roll.


Magnitude 2, Non-Variable, Resist (Persistence)

On a failed resistance roll, the target is scared for 1D6 rounds. Scared targets must withdraw from combat with the caster for the duration of the spell, and move as quickly as they are able, directly away from the caster.

Second Sight

Magnitude 3, Non-Variable

Second Sight allows the caster to gauge the POW of every creature and magic item within the range. Anything that prevents normal vision stops the spell. The caster will know if each aura created by the illuminated POW is less than their POW, within three points of their POW, or greater than their POW.

Additionally, Second Sight provides a +20% bonus on Perception tests to notice hidden magical items or hiding people or creatures. Second Sight will also reveal invisible entities, though only a hazy image will show (treat such targets as partially obscured).


Magnitude 1, Non-Variable, Resist (Dodge)

The caster makes the ground under the target’s feet as slippery as black sheet ice.  The target must make a Dodge roll or fall over prone.


Resist (Resilience)

For every point of the magnitude of this spell, decrease target’s movement rate by 2m. A target’s movement may not go below one metre through use of this spell.


Magnitude 2, Non-Variable, Touch

This spell is cast on a missile weapon and triggers when fired. It gives a +20% to Ranged Combat and +3 damage while using the weapon. A missile weapon under the effects of Speedart cannot benefit from Firearrow or Multimissile.

Spirit Shield

This spell forms a magical barrier that protects the caster from magic point loss as the result of a successful attack during spirit combat (see “Spirit Combat” ). Each point of magnitude reduces the damage done by an attacking spirit by one point.



For every point of the magnitude of this spell, the target’s damage increases by +1 and strength-based athletics tests are +10% per magnitude.  Note, the increased damage is not magical damage.

Talk to Animal

Magnitude 3 Non-Variable

With this spell, the recipient can talk to any beast within ten metres of them. This communication is verbal; therefore, the recipient must be able to speak and be heard by the target animal.


Magnitude 2 Non-Variable

This spell allows the recipient to speak another language perfectly for its duration.

Truth Seeker


This spell grants the caster a +10% bonus per point of magnitude to their next skill test they make to discover lies, secrets or hidden objects.  It does not stack with any other spell-effect bonuses.