Personal Magic Spells U to Z


Touch, Instant

This spell has a chance of opening a lock equal to the spell’s magnitude x 20%, minus any modifiers due to the intricacy of the lock. If cast on a lock that has had a Lock spell cast on it, the test is an opposed test vs. the magnitude x 20% of the Lock spell.



For every point of the magnitude of this spell, the target’s hit points increase by +2. A target cannot have its hit points increased in this way to more than twice its original score.  Damage is taken from the ‘magical’ hit points first, so when the spell dissipates the inflicted damage taken on the magical hit points disappears too


Ranged, Resist (Resilience)

This spell disables its victim for 1 round per point of magnitude, due to uncontrollable vomiting. On a fumbled Resilience roll, the victim also takes 1D6 hit points damage.

Walk on (Element)

Magnitude 3

This spell allows the recipient to walk on the specified element (Air/Darkness/Earth/Fire/Water) without sinking or taking any harm for the spell’s duration. With this spell for the appropriate element, the caster can walk across lava, quicksand, water, or even through the air. Each additional point of magnitude increases the duration of the spell by 1 minute.

Water Breath


This spell allows the target to breathe water for the duration of the spell. For every point of magnitude, one additional person can breathe water, or the duration is increased by one minute. Water Breath does not affect the target’s ability to breathe air.

Weapon Enhance


Cast this spell on any close combat weapon or any unarmed attack. For every point of magnitude, it increases the chance to hit with the weapon by +10% and deals one point of extra damage. This extra damage is magical and will affect creatures that can only be hurt by magic. The weapon’s base damage remains non-magical. A weapon under the effects of this spell cannot benefit from Fireblade.