Sorcery Spells A to D

Animate (Substance)


This spell allows the sorcerer to animate the substance indicated, up to one SIZ for every point of magnitude. The sorcerer can cause it to move about and interact, albeit relatively clumsily (Movement of 1m per three points of magnitude).

The sorcerer’s chance to have the animated object perform any physical skill successfully is equal to half their own chance to perform that action (before any modifiers). If the appropriate Form/Set spell is cast immediately after this spell, the caster can perform much finer manipulation of the object. In this case, the animated object will use the caster’s full skill scores for physical activities.

This spell can only be used on inanimate matter.

Cast Back

This protective spell shields the caster from hostile magic and has a chance of sending it back to the attacking spell caster.

Cast Back only affects spells that target the user specifically and have the Resist trait. Such spells may affect the protected character normally, but if it is resisted, the spell is launched back at the person who cast it, as long as its magnitude is not greater than the Cast Back’s magnitude.

Create Godform (Deity)


This spell can be cast on a recipient other than the caster. It allows the recipient to assume the magical form of the deity for the duration of the spell. While not quite the same as becoming the god itself, it allows the recipient to assume some of the powers of the deity.

While the spell is in operation, the recipient gains:

+20% in all the skills that the deity teaches.

Each magnitude of the spell beyond the first allows the recipient to learn and cast one point of the deity’s Divine or Personal Magic for the duration of the spell. Divine Magic is one use, and Personal Magic must be paid for from the recipients’ magic points.

The recipient knows anything the deity would know.

This is an exceptionally powerful spell, whose use and knowledge automatically puts the sorcerer on the enemy list of the deity’s cult, should they find out that the sorcerer knows how to Godform their god.

If the spell is fumbled, one of the following events, or one similar from the Referee’s fertile imagination, occurs:

The deity sends one of its guardians, an Otherworld servant, to exact divine vengeance upon the sorcerer.

The deity transports the sorcerer and all ‘helpers’ to their court in the Houses of the Holy to explain themselves.

The deity tells a local priest of the sorcerer’s heresy and makes it clear that it is their temple’s job to exact revenge on their deity’s behalf.

Damage Boosting


This spell can be cast upon any weapon up to 5 ENC. Each point of magnitude adds one point to the weapon’s damage (e.g. the basic spell will increase a hatchet from 1D6 damage to 1D6+1 damage).

Damage Resistance


This spell protects the body of the recipient. Any incoming attack dealing damage equal to or less than the magnitude of the spell is ignored. Any incoming attack dealing more damage than the magnitude of Damage Resistance is unaffected and will deal its full damage as normal. Note, the protected character may still suffer from Knockback if applicable.

Damage Resistance may be combined with the Divine Magic spell Shield, in which case incoming damage is compared to the Damage Resistance spell first and only encounters the Shield spell if the Damage Resistance is bypassed.

Diminish (characteristic)

Resist (Persistence/Resilience), Touch

There are seven Diminish spells, one for each characteristic. The spell will temporarily apply a penalty to the specified characteristic equal to the magnitude of the spell. The penalty applied by this spell may not reduce a characteristic below one, and a creature must have the characteristic in question to be affected by this spell.

Diminish (STR, DEX, CON and SIZ) are resisted with Resilience. Diminish (INT, POW and CHA) are resisted with Persistence.

Applying a penalty to POW does not reduce the character’s magic points.

Note that not all uses of this spell are malicious. Thieves and others often value the timely use of a Diminish (SIZ) spell, as it can greatly enhance their ability to enter restricted areas.

Dominate (Species)

Resist (Persistence)

This spell allows the caster to gain control over a creature belonging to a specific species. If the target fails to resist the spell, it must obey the commands of the caster for the duration of the spell.

The controlled creature shares a telepathic link with the sorcerer by which it can receive its orders. If the sorcerer and the creature dominated do not share a common language, the sorcerer can order it about, by forming a mental image of the actions they wish the dominated creature to perform.