Sorcery Spells E to L

Energy Projection (Type)

Ranged, Instant, Resist (Dodge)
Energy is either projected as a beam or a ball towards the target, who can avoid the attack by Dodging.

If the spell takes effect, the target takes damage equal to double the magnitude of the spell. Physical armour does not protect against the damage, but magical protection does. Types of energy that can be projected by this spell are Cold (Dark), Lightning, Heat (Fire), Shards of Rock (Earth), Windblast (Air).

Enhance (characteristic)


There are seven Enhance spells, one for each characteristic. Essentially the reverse of the Diminish spell, Enhance allows the Sorcerer to temporarily apply a bonus to the specified characteristic equal to the magnitude of the spell. A creature must have the characteristic in question to be affected by this spell.

Applying a bonus to POW does not increase the character’s magic points.


Concentration, Resist (Persistence)

Using this spell allows the caster (or whomever or whatever they target with the spell) to fly.  The caster may levitate objects or characters (the caster counting as one of these characters if they so wish).

A levitated character may not be overloaded and must have a SIZ characteristic which is lower than the sorcerer’s POW characteristic.

Objects must have an ENC lower than the sorcerer’s POW characteristic.

Character or objects moved by this spell have a base Movement Rate of 6m. All objects and characters moved by this spell move at the spell caster’s behest, not their own.

Each point of the spell’s magnitude may either be used to increase the target’s Movement by +2m or to target an additional object or character – but not both. A sorcerer casting this spell at magnitude 4 may fly themselves with a Movement of 14m, fly themselves and a friend with a Movement of 10m each, or fly themselves and three friends with a Movement of 6m each.

Form/Set (Substance)


There is an unlimited number of Form/Set spells in existence, one for every substance imaginable, from steel to smoke to water.

Each point of magnitude allows the caster to shape one ENC of solid substance or one cubic metre of an ethereal substance (like darkness). The caster must be familiar with the shape they are forming.

When the caster has finished the forming process, the substance retains its shape. Rigid substances like steel will hold the form they had at the end of the spell, while more mutable substances like water will immediately lose their shape.

This spell can be used to mend the damage done to an object. The sorcerer must form the entire object and must succeed at an appropriate Craft test.  If successful they will restore the item to its original condition.

This spell can only be used on inanimate substances.


This spell causes a glowing point of light to appear on a solid substance. At its base, the spell creates an area of light one metre in radius, giving off the same illumination as a candle. Each additional point of magnitude increases the radius of effect by one metre. At magnitude 3, the brightness of the spell increases to that of a flaming brand at its centre. At magnitude 5, it increases to that of a camp-fire and at magnitude 10 to that of a bonfire.

This spell can be cast on an opponent’s eyes. If cast on a living being, the spell also gains the Resist (Dodge) trait. If the target fails to resist it, they will suffer a penalty to all attack, parry and Dodge tests, as well as any skills relying upon vision, equal to five times the spell’s magnitude, until the spell ends or is dispelled.


Resist (Resilience)

Each point of magnitude of Hamper subtracts 1m from the Movement rate of the target. Every two points of magnitude also subtract -10% from a recipient’s skills for the purposes of determining the order in combat.


Each point of magnitude of Haste adds 1m to the Movement rate of the recipient. Every two points of magnitude also add +10% to the recipient’s skills for the purposes of determining the order in combat.



This spell causes two adjacent ten centimetres by ten centimetre surfaces (roughly the size of a person’s palm) to commingle into one. The basic bond has a STR of 1. Each additional point of magnitude will either increase the STR of the bond by +1 or double the area affected.

This spell can affect organic and inorganic substances. If the caster is attempting to bond a living being with this spell, the spell gains the Resist (Resilience) trait.