Sorcery Spells R to Z

Remove Disease

This spell purges the recipient of any disease that is currently afflicting them. Make an opposed roll of the spell’s magnitude vs. the disease’s potency. If successful the character is restored to full health, any penalties to characteristics are removed and any hit points lost to the effects of the disease are regained.

(Sense) Projection


Each (Sense) Projection spell is a separate spell. These spells encompass the five base senses, but there are also variants for any unusual sensory mechanisms appropriate to the game world (such as sonar).

This spell allows the caster to project one of their senses anywhere within the spell’s range. The spell forms an invisible and intangible sensor, some ten centimetres across, which receives the specified type of sensory input and transmits it to the caster. The sensor can move metres per combat round equal to the spell’s magnitude, directed by the sorcerer, and allows the sorcerer to use their Perception skill through the sensor.

Spells can be cast through the sensor of some Projection spells. For instance, ranged spells require Sight Projection, while touch spells require Touch Projection (and likely Sight Projection too, so the Sorcerer can find their target efficiently).

Characters using Mystic Vision can see the sensor and attack it if they wish, though it is only vulnerable to magic. Magical weapons and spells employed against the sensor will not destroy it but will instead transfer their damage directly to the caster.

Sense (Substance)


Eminently useful for finding valuables from afar, this spell has a variation for every substance imaginable. Sense (Substance) will cause all sources of the substance within range of the spell to glow an appropriate colour, visible only to the caster – diamonds will gleam like ice, amber will shine like a camp-fire and so on. Each point of this spell’s magnitude allows it to penetrate one metre of rock, wood or dirt. If the source is concealed behind such a material, the surface nearest the caster will glow for a moment. The spell cannot penetrate refined metal, though it can penetrate ore.

Shapechange (Species) to (Species)

Resist (Resilience), Touch

Each Shapechange spell is a separate spell. Of all the spells with multiple variations, the Shapechange spell has the most, comprising a new spell for almost every combination of creatures imaginable. The spell only works on living things – the dead or inanimate cannot be shape changed.

The magnitude of the spell must be equal to or greater than the average SIZ of both specified species. Thus, changing a mouse (SIZ 1) into a newt (also SIZ 1) is magnitude 1. Changing a mouse into a lion (SIZ 19) is magnitude 10.

If the spell is successful, the target will be biologically changed, gaining the STR, DEX, CON and SIZ of its new form. Its INT, POW and CHA are unchanged, and the target retains its memories and abilities (though it may be unable to use some of those abilities in its new form).

Skin of Life


This spell protects the recipient from suffocation by air deprivation, due to such factors as drowning or the Smother spell. Each point of magnitude will cover three points of SIZ – thus a magnitude 4 Skin of Life spell would sustain a SIZ 12 creature.


Concentration, Resist (Resilience Special)

If successful, this spell neutralises the air surrounding the target, making each breath stale and worthless, depriving it of oxygen. The caster must concentrate each round, in order to keep the spell operating. For the duration of the spell, the target will be unable to breathe, essentially drowning on dry land.

When the spell begins, the target’s Resilience test determines whether it is able to gasp in one last breath before Smother cuts off the surrounding oxygen supply. If the target succeeds, it may hold its breath as normal. If it fails, it will start drowning in the next combat round.

This spell can also be used to extinguish fires, as the flames will be starved of oxygen. At magnitude 1, it can extinguish a Flame, magnitude 2 a Large Flame, magnitude 4 a Small Fire, magnitude 7 a Large Fire and magnitude 10 it will put out an Inferno. Smother has no effect on magical fire or on fire-based creatures.

Spell Resistance

This spell matches its magnitude against the magnitude of any incoming spell. If Spell Resistance’s magnitude is greater than the incoming spell’s, then the incoming spell has no effect. If the incoming spell’s magnitude is equal to or greater than the magnitude of Spell Resistance, then the spell affects the target normally.

Unlike many protective spells, Spell Resistance remains in place for the entirety of its duration – spells that successfully breach the spell do not dispel it. However, it does not discriminate between incoming spells – a comrade attempting to magically heal the recipient of Spell Resistance must overcome it in order to successfully use a healing spell.

Spirit Resistance

This spell matches its magnitude against the POW of any spirit that comes into contact with the recipient. If the recipient of the caster’s  POW  the Spirit Resistance’s magnitude is greater than the spirit’s POW, the spirit cannot touch the recipient.

A spirit unable to touch a recipient will not be able to attack or directly harm them, including through ranged attacks. A spell cast by a spirit at the recipient is blocked unless its magnitude exceeds the Spirit Resistance’s magnitude.

Summon (Other World creature)

Resist (Persistence)

This spell allows the sorcerer to summon one Other World creature, per casting, to the mundane world. The creature is not automatically under the sorcerer’s control. If the summoned creature succeeds its Persistence test, it is free of the sorcerer’s command and, if so inclined, may be hostile to the sorcerer. Otherwise, it acts as if under the influence of a Dominate spell, for the duration of the spell.  The duration of the summon spell also determines how long the creature is trapped in the Mundane World.

Example Other World creatures: Demons, Elementals, Spirits and Undead.

Tap (characteristic)

Concentration, Resist (Persistence), Touch

There are actually seven Tap spells, one for each characteristic. These devastating spells allow the caster to permanently strip a target of characteristic points, transforming them into magic points for their own use.

The caster must make contact with the target, either physically or through Touch Projection, in order to Tap it – therefore the spell cannot be used on incorporeal creatures, such as spirits.

Tap will only work if its magnitude is equal to, or greater than, the target’s specified characteristic. Thus, a magnitude 6 Tap Strength spell would only work on targets with a STR of 6 or lower.

The number of points Tapped by the spell is equal to 1D6 per combat round the spell is applied to the victim.

Characteristic points lost to Tap are lost permanently, though the victim can raise them again through the normal means of increasing a characteristic. Characteristics may be tapped to 0, which usually involves the death of the victim (the exception being Charisma).

For each characteristic point the sorcerer Taps, they will gain one magic point. The sorcerer is limited in the number of magic points they can gain through Tap; the spell can only increase their magic points to double their normal limit. A sorcerer may simply Tap a target and dissipate any gained magic points.

If the sorcerer gains more magic points through Tap than their normal maximum, the points will disappear at the rate of one magic point per minute once the spell finishes.


Instant, Resist (Dodge)

Teleport allows a sorcerer to move their self or a target, instantaneously, to anywhere within the range of the spell, as long as the destination can be directly observed (Sense Projection spells allow the Caster to ‘see’ locations beyond the physical line of sight), there is solid footing, and no objects bar their arrival. If these conditions are not met, the spell automatically fails. The caster is able to teleport objects up to 3 points of SIZ per point of magnitude.

Time Travel (Time Period)


This spell transports the caster and creatures (of SIZ 12-18) equal to the magnitude of the spell to a named time era via a time tunnel that opens up and instantly sucks them through to their destination.  The duration of the spell is the time that the caster and group jump forward or backwards through time.

Sorcerers usually have some knowledge about the time period they are travelling to and use an Anchor, a landmark such as a bronze statue, that exists in both the original and destination time period. If they are travelling blind without such an Anchor, the casting roll is at -25%, and the effects of a fumbled roll are even more catastrophic than the examples below suggest.

If the spell casting is failed, the caster and group still travel, but they end up in the wrong location (1D10 Km away from the anchor point) and time (1D10 time units away, the length of the time unit depends on duration, e.g. if the duration was in days, the time unit is days).

If the spell casting is fumbled, catastrophic events occur.  Here are some example events, the creative Referee is encouraged to create more:

A guardian creature from the Other World emerges through the portal and attacks the sorcerer in an attempt to close the portal.

The sorcerer, and all within 10m of them, is sucked through the portal which then promptly closes. The sorcerer is so befuddled that they cannot remember the spell for D20+D4 hours.

As above, but the sorcerer and party arrive in a completely different Time Era or even an Alternative Reality.

Sorcerers with this spell can “change” time freely without having to worry about unintentional “butterfly effect” changes or any alterations in their own existence or memory from changing “their” past.  However, regular use risks the catastrophic effects of a fumble.

Treat Wounds

Instant, Touch

This spell must be cast upon a wounded character. It dramatically accelerates the natural healing rate of the target.  For every point of magnitude of this spell the caster can repair one hit point per combat round, for the duration of the spell.

The spell cast at magnitude 6 instantly heals mortal wounds, bringing the character’s hit point total to one.

This spell does not treat disease or poison. See Remove Disease and Poison Antidote, respectively.