Becoming a Shaman

In game terms, a character must have a POW of at least 14 and a Personal Magic Casting skill of at least 50%. They then spend five Growth points and gain the skills of Shamanism at the base skill ranking.  Becoming a Shaman is a big commitment and is usually not taken by characters during character generation unless the Referee allows it.

Shamanism (INT+POW)

This skill provides several spiritual abilities. These abilities, although magical in origin, are always on or, in the case of Disassociate from Body, can be instantly called on. No magic point spend is needed.

Disassociate from Body. The Shaman can put their body into a deep sleep, while their spirit travels the Spirit World. A slender silver cord connects the two. If the physical body suffers death, their spirit becomes trapped in the Spirit World. While in the Spirit World, if the Shaman reaches 1 or 0 magic points, their Spirit returns to their body immediately. In this ‘dissociated’ form, the Shaman can engage in Spirit Combat with an attack equal to their Shamanism score.  During their time in the Spirit World, the Shaman has no physical body, therefore is considered STR, CON, DEX and SIZless. They cannot use any skills that are based upon those Characteristics or require a physical presence. The only way that a dissociated shaman can interact with the physical world is through casting spells or spiritually attacking. While disassociated, the Shaman is invisible to the physical world.

See into the Spirit World. The Shaman can always see what is happening in the Spirit World and therefore detect spirits that are invisible to non-Shamans.

Assess the Harmony of the Spirit World. This ability allows the Shaman to sense if something is wrong with the immediate Spirit World to a range of POW in kilometers.

Spirit World Knowledge. The Shaman learns about the geography of the Spirit World and the cultures of its inhabitants.

Able to Initiate Spirit Combat. Unlike untrained characters, Shamans can engage spirits in Spirit Combat, without having to cast any extra magic spells. See the Spirit Combat section, under Magical Combat, in the Combat chapter for more details.

Commonly Known Personal Magic

Shamans commonly learn the following Personal Magic spells.

Call Spirit (Type), Drive Out Spirit, and Spirit Shield.

Limits on Shamans

Due to their differences in views on how magic fundamentally works, Shamans may not use Sorcery. Some Divine Magic Religions may have a place for Shamanism within their practices and belief systems, for example as a form of ancestor worship, and Shamans may join such religions and learn their Divine Magic as a result.

Crossing over the Veil and becoming a Great Spirit

Shamans who achieve mastery of Shamanism, know how to become Great Spirits, passing over to the Spirit World. They enter a permanent state of disassociation from their body, which they only inhabit if they need to interact with mortal beings. Their body goes into suspended animation. If the original body is destroyed then they simply possess another, using dominant possession.


Shamanism at 100%.

POW at maximum (21 for humans).

Knows ten different Personal Magic spells.


POW has no limit.

Disassociates from Body, which goes into permanent suspended animation. Can inhabit it or another body, via dominant possession.

Shamans who become Great Spirits tend to retire after a couple of Quests, as they become more concerned with affairs of the Spirit World than the mundane Real World.