Over at the RPGPub forum, in their epic BRP Edition Wars thread, The Butcher asked in response to me posting about my poll to determine which Mythras book I’m going to review next over at Sorcerer Under the Mountain blog.

…seeing as you’re the author of Openquest

What makes you choose either Mythras or Openquest as the system for a game? What would you say are the comparative strengths and weaknesses of each?

After a small amount of navel-gazing, and attempting to be straightforward, I gave this answer.

Without going into critical analysis which would be unfair to both games,

Basically, Mythras for me is the spiritual successor to RQ3, a game I loved dearly back in the late 80s and up to the late 90s, that clearly needed a logical tidying up. Mythras is that tidied-up game, and a little bit more 🙂 I tend to use it for games where I want to be a bit more considered and adult.

While OQ is taking BRP Fantasy mainly from Stormbringer which I adored but found a bit broken in places and early Call of Cthulhu (Games Worksop did a lovely edition in the 80s), mixing it up with RQ3’s three magic systems and taking it in all sorts of directions that my own house ruling takes it in.   So OQ fits my own looser GMing style, without completely sacrificing rules and numbers.