Back in July during OpenQuest Online with my co-host Paul Mitchener I did a presentation about what would be the next big project after all the Kickstarter stretch goals were delivered. After which high tier backers of the OpenQuest Kickstarter where given the opportunity to vote for which of the five they would like to see.

Here’s the presentation again if you missed it.

The votes are now in, and the winner, by a small nat’s whisker is….

The OpenQuest Monster book

And here’s the voting break down.

I’ve already started the book. Its got a good portion of the art already done, which I’m using as inspiration and I’m slowly doing entries. Its progress is an exercise in slow and consistant, which I think more than any other type of RPG book for a creatures book is a good thing. I write quick rough drafts now, a couple a day when I’m free from other projects, and then come back to them in a couple of months time and reconsider/revise.  The only other thing is that this a book of Generic monsters, not tied to Gatan the example setting, but there will be enough flavour to inspire you to use them in your own games.

As for the close runners up?  Both Dark Corners of the Empire and OpenQuest Quantum are in active development. Dark Corners of the Empire already has a fair bit written, since its my OpenQuest campaign which I’ve been running since April last year. OpenQuest Quantum is a work in progress, with a firm outline of what it is, and bits of writing here and there. Its already been played, I wrote a Christmas themed scenario called “Don’t Let the Krampus Grind you Down” which I ran successfully over last holiday period, and I’m running another adventure called “Viva Weird Vegas” in October at Furnace and posisbly again at Grogmeet in November. Again its writing will be slow and consistant. Giving a definite date and commiting to go heads down to finish it, is what the winner of the poll got.