So I’m deep into writing the next OpenQuest Book, which is OpenQuest Dungeons. At the moment it’s a heady mix of writing new rules guidance articles, creating resources (such as a set of stock NPCs), and creating dungeon-based adventures. More of that when my content list is firmed up. Suffice to say the book’s scope has shifted slightly from being a book with a bit of guidance on how to run OQ for people coming from D&D (about 10-20 pages) and two scenarios I had written in notebooks from years ago.

One thing that came to mind while converting The Sorcerer Under Mountain and starting to detail the religion of the Orcs who are encountered in the dungeon, is that I could do with a list of religions that people who work in the underworld, as well as the monstrous deities for Creatures, follow. Here’s a quick glimpse into what I’ve started to come up with.

The Underworld Deities

From the Imperial Way

These are Underworld deities worshipped within the Empire of Gatan and partially included in the Imperial Way.

The King’s Head

A sect of Assassins. Sometimes in favour with the Emperor, sometimes out of favour. See themselves as “Kingmakers and head takers”. Very active during the Ducal Wars as hitmen for hire but redeemed themselves as they fought against the Burning Horde sticking from the Underworld.

Delica the Daughter of Darkness

An old goddess, daughter of Maia the Earth Mother and the Great Elemental of Darkness. Ruler of the Underworld. Patroness of Thieves everywhere.  She also helps those who have to work underground.

Figgis the Ratter

Friend (hero follower?) of Delia, this foul smelly man is Patron of the Small Vicious Dog (available as an allied Spirit). Followers can also turn into weredogs.

The Love from Below

This is an androgynous Underworld deity of orgies and secrets. They are generally regarded as Benevolent among its rich followers. Less so by the poor who often involuntarily get dragged into its rituals.

A “forgotten” god from the time of Old Empire, not mentioned in the recent Imperial Revelation. The Imperial Priesthood would have declared it heresy if not for the favour it courts amongst Sotan City’s social class.

Goblinoid Deities

The Hidden One

The Hidden God is the Goblinoids’ name for their lost creator deity. This religion is based upon the idea that they are hiding from the other deities in the Underworld. Very much an outsider mystic religion even amongst the Goblinoids, who quite reasonably reject the idea and whose adherents, known as Seekers, can only back up their claim that the Hidden God is in the Underworld by saying that they gave goblinoids the ability to see in the dark so that they can go find them. Critics point out that the religion has no Priests, down to the fact that they haven’t found the Hidden God yet. The religion is called the “Hidden One” because if Seekers call it the Hidden God in Goblinoid society, they will get their heads bashed in.