Spending the weekend putting the final polish on the next book for OpenQuest, OpenQuest Dungeons.

This one has been done in bits and pieces over the last couple of years. It almost had conflicting design goals at time. On the one hand, it’s a book of advice on how to get D&D familiar players and GMs converted to the joys of D100. It’s a resource book of things to help the GM make this shift. Finally, it’s a set of three adventures that were initially unconnected but now have a common setting and form a mini-campaign.

Bringing those three things under control and in harmony with the overall theme of how to present Dungeons in OpenQuest, has been very tricky at times, despite the outputs appearing very simple and straightforward.

Once I reach 1st draft, I’ll be sending it to the Master of Dungeons, the high-tier backer from the OpenQuest Kickstarter, who effectively sponsored its creation. They get to see it first, and then hopefully we’ll have a chat about what I’ll record for The OpenQuester (my videocast on YouTube).

OpenQuest Dungeons, cover by Jon Hodgson