OpenQuest at Layout Proof!

Behold! Witness the marvellous moment where I print off a complete copy of OpenQuest 3rd Edition, to do a layout-proof.

Some photos showing off the layout, which is a work in progress.

OQ3 Layout Proof – Characters

OQ3 Layout Proof -The Quest

OQ3 Layout Proof – Sorcery

OQ3 Layout Proof – Creatures

OQ3 Layout Proof – Creatures

OQ3 Layout Proof – Empire of Gatan, The Five Emperors


8 thoughts on “OpenQuest at Layout Proof!

  1. This is really beautiful! It was a really good decision to keep it B/W. This will certainly be the best-looking version of OQ, and I’m getting strong Stormbringer vibes from the layout.

    • Thank you πŸ™‚
      Yes the Games Workshop version of Stormbringer 2nd Ed (which also includes the Companion), was a big inspiration for OpenQuest 3. I’m hoping to take delivery of the colour covers for the supplements that are also going to be the colour plates in the Signed and Sent version. Although unlike GW Stormbringer the pages will be securely bound πŸ˜€

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