Today I continue work on OpenQuest Dungeons. I’m working on a section that has the working title of OpenQuest for D&Ders (the final piece will have something less copyright-infringing – Probably “Rules for Dungeoneering”). The idea is to quickly cover the ground that new Referees and players have to cover to grasp the fundamental differences between OQ and D&D.

So far my document has the following headings

  • What’s Similar
  • What’s Different
  • Getting Started. A more hand-holding version of character gen, with pick a Race (or culture), then pick one of four ready made concepts that correspond to the four classic D&D classes etc
  • Specific Rulings: Opening Doors, Dealing with Traps (detecting, disarming), Spotting Hidden Concealed/Secret Doors, Backstabbing etc
  • A selection of Traps, I have some wonderful Jeshields art for this, explained in OQ terms.

I’ve opened this for discussion in the D101 Games Discord OpenQuest Channel, so if your think there’s anything that should be in this article, especially if you are a DM who is thinking about getting your D&D group into OQ, drop in and suggest anything that would help.

OpenQuest Dungeons cover

OpenQuest Dungeons © Jon Hodgson